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We are advocates of a type of integrated pest management (IPM) that goes beyond the pests themselves and considers carefully which crop or garden plant suits a particular site well.  

For example, we choose to grow native plants, because they actually grow better in our location than most introduced plants.  As another example we use our different nursery sites and consider their particular individual advantages very carefully to increase our range of plants, rather than spraying out pests. 

In other words we suit the crop to the spot and don't try to do it the other way around.

Our specialist skills evolve around this principle of

We grow for other nurseries throughout New Zealand

We do consultancy on ecological issues and sustainability issues.  We are leaders in the field of ecological restoration.  We work with alternative forestry methods that are very light on the ground.

For large scale jobs we prefer to set up an on-site nursery.

In addition we are actively involved in current environmental issues at many levels.

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Keywords: Integrated Pest Management, Nursery, Pest Management, Pests, Plants