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Roses are a very versatile floral gift. There is a rose for every event you can imagine!

Nothing says romance like a dozen red roses. No man can go wrong with this - its Flowers for Men 101 .

But there are plenty of other romantic red rose choices for men. Your red roses are often classed by stem length - long or short stem - with the longer being more expensive but usually with larger heads. But a lovely bouquest of red roses will be just as well received as a more flamboyant 'dozen red roses'; its the thought that counts!

Roses in other colours can be used to mark an anniversary (see our

for hints). But, your local florist may not have your particular colour always in stock so you should consider giving as much notice as possible and specify a colour rather than a particular named variety where possible.

Scented roses can bring back memories and are also a great gift for the visually impared. But, keep in mind that many modern roses are not scented so, if you want scented floewers, make sure you ask for them and allow enough time to get them into stock.

Some of the generally accepted meanings of different rose colours include the following (see

for more on flower meanings);

  • rose, red - love, beauty, congratulations
  • rose, champagne - vitality, devotion
  • rose, coral - good fortune, longevity
  • rose, cream - richness, perfection
  • rose, gold - absolute achievement
  • rose, yellow - friendship, jealousy

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