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By: Floor Covering Soft  06-Dec-2011
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Floor Covering Soft offers an affordable monthly subscription option for FEP2011 estimating software editions. No long term contract, cancel anytime.

How does it work?

  • STEP 1: Select the edition that best matches your needs (FEP2011 has four editions available for subscription: QUICKSTART, RTAIL, PROFESSIONAL, COMMERCIAL). 
  • STEP 2: Provide a payment information (Visa, Master, AE) by clicking on the Subscribe button, and complete the checkout process

Monthly Subscription Rates

Edition Fee Subscribe
FEP2011 QuickStart


FEP2011 Retail


FEP2011 Professional $149/mo.
FEP2011 Commercial $179/mo.


How to Sign Up or Cancel the Subscription?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I subscribe or purchase the software?

When you are starting a business or learning commercial takeoffs, subscription avoids the upfront software license investment: a viable solution as your business grows.

If I choose to purchase the program later, can the subscription amount paid be credited in purchase amount?

No, as you benefit from its usage in subscription period. It is wise to make an early decision if you are thinking of purchasing it.

Is technical support included in subscription?

How about the new version of the program?

You always get the latest update of the program without additional charge when it becomes available.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the edition subscribed to fit my needs?

Yes, please contact our sales representative at 1-866-928-3326 or 626-683-9188.

Can I transfer the subscription license from one PC to another?

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