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By: Flick Software  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Museum, Exhibits

Mobile Interactive Guide • Flick Software

Do you operate a museum, zoo, aquarium, trade show, city tour, or other attraction?

Are you looking for new ways to:

  • Increase museum revenue
  • Attract new visitors
  • Increase the percentage of return visitors
  • Guide, inform, educate and entertain your visitors
  • Increase the attractiveness of your exhibits through fully integrated and interactive media of audio, video, animations and graphics
  • Add, delete and modify content on your own
  • Allow the visitor to take the museum experience home
  • Learn about your visitors through advanced relationship building
  • Appeal to the younger set?

Not able to showcase all that you’d like?

Looking to incorporate technology to provide a more memorable experience while at the same time building a better understanding of your visitor base?

Why not appeal to both new and existing visitors and attract new revenues by making available a fully interactive and intuitive multimedia guide. Use a handheld device to enhance your visitors’ experience by guiding, informing, educating and entertaining them the whole way through.

The Mobile Interactive Guide, developed by Flick Software and its partners, embodies unique, patent-pending software coupled with a rugged hardware device to make this a powerful new force for visitors to any attraction.

Imagine the Mobile Interactive Guide

  • leading folks to items of interest
  • expanding on various exhibits or attractions by running related multi-media audio and video clips
  • threading stories around exhibits and attractions, injecting them with new energy
  • generating pop-ups at appropriate times indicating show start-times or even cafeteria specials
  • absorbing people of all ages in entertaining contests and games
  • overlaying new tours on existing content to provide fresh experiences thereby encouraging repeat visitors.

Let Flick Software help you provide a whole new dimension to your visitor’s experience.

Keywords: Exhibits, Museum