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By: Flexus  05-Apr-2012

Flexus™ Shotbond System has been developed as a shotcrete alternative for the strengthening and repairation of concrete infrastructure and unreinforced masonry.

The Flexus™ matrix displays unique properties such as ductility and improved durability. However, its most important feature is its ability to strain harden under tensile or flexural loading, increasing the structural integrity and longevity of structures.


  • Flexus™ is a cost-effective seismic strengthening option in comparison to conventional shotcrete alternatives
  • Shear strength of Flexus™ in-plane at 10mm is 1.7 times the strength of unreinforced masonry. At 30mm, Flexus is 4.6 times the strength.
  • Retrofitting with Flexus™ requires only 20mm of Shotbond material sprayed to the walls, leaving the building largely unchanged
  • around doors and windows
  • Wastage is kept at a minimum with a wet sprayed process and no costly clean up after the project is complete
  • Flexus™ Shotbond is applied by an approved applicator with a small portable pump allowing easy access to retrofit existing buildings

Sprayed Flexus™ for Seismic Retrofit of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

A signifcant portion of New Zealand’s heritage buildings have been identified as requiring upgrading to meet 67% of the seismic loadings required for new buildings under NZS 1170.5:2004 Building Code. This is due to seismic forces not being considered during the building’s original design phase.

Flexus™Shotbond is sprayed to unreinforced masonry walls to increase their in-plane stiffness and load carrying capacity in the event of an earthquake.

Sprayed Flexus™ for Upgrading of Concrete Infrastructure including Bridges and Wharf/Marine structures

The deterioration of concrete infrastructure is a major concern for Roading Authorities as many of the structures have reached the end of their design life and require vast amounts of captial for repair or replacement.

The most common explanation for the deterioration has been a lack of concrete cover over the reinforcing steel allowing carbon dioxide and chloride penetration to cause corrosion.

Flexus™ provides the most economic method of increasing the life of these structures by spraying a layer of product over the entire surface of the concrete, preventing further deterioration.

Extensive testing in Japan and the US has been conducted and because Flexus™ has the ability to micro-crack under tensile strains greater than 0.2mm, Flexus™ shows no penetration of chloride ions at 15mm when compared against 25mm for Polymer cement and 35mm for Concrete.

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For more about Flexus™ Decorative Panels feel free to contact. For more about Flexus™ Shotbond System feel free to contact. For more about Flexus™ Modular Floors feel free to contact. For more about Flexus™ Modular Stairs feel free to contact.


Flexus™ Modular Floors | Flexus Bendable Concrete Innovation

The Flexus™ Modular Floor forms a suspended floor comprising of a 30mm cementitious Flexus™ layer constructed any standard timber/steel floor joist or truss. Flexus™ Modular Floor is an engineered solution designed and manufactured in New Zealand under strict quality control standards. Creates a working platform allowing immediate installation of the upper floor framing.


Flexus™ Modular Stairs | Flexus Bendable Concrete Innovation

This system suits applications such as new residential or commercial construction, retrofit or replacement of existing stairwell areas, outdoor landscape design and multi-storey dwellings. Flexus™ Modular Stairs are a highly engineered solution designed and manufactured in New Zealand under strict quality control standards. Flexus™ Modular Stairs are designed to be used on a range of stringers to suit all on site situations.


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Currently we are working on a residential cladding system where a sprayed 10mm layer can be applied directly to brick, block, fibre-cement sheet or polystyrene to provide a weather tight and bulletproof exterior cladding. Flexus™ Decorative Panels have the flexibility to either be sprayed or cast to create a multitude of concrete elements. To date, there have been projects ranging from bridge decks, BBQ tables, decorative wall panels.