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Portable Tactical Radio System

- unprecedented interoperability between radio networks
- complete, secure, versatile,  portable  and suitable for rugged environments

The FleetCom Portable Tactical Radio System 7000 (PTRS) is a single ASTRO®25 gateway enabling multiple, secure Government, emergency and military radio communication across incompatible digital and analog radio networks. Now, response teams from a range of agencies can readily communicate with each other in an emergency using any number of security configurations, ensuring total control in a portable, easy-to-deploy system.

This light, compact system enclosed in an airtight robust suitcase weighs just 30lb/14kg including 22 AH temperature monitored batteries is versatile and extremely configurable. It can act as a 400MHz or 800MHz repeater and provide simultaneous communication with a remote site via link radio/s or with any combination of four or more radio modules in nonconflicting RF configuration. The PTRS can be preconfigured during exercises with up to 48 modes (256 in the advanced model) to be event-ready, and reconfigured instantaneously during unforeseen events. Priorities can also be configured into these modes. An operator can remotely and securely change from one pre-set configuration to another over air using DTMF signaling. PTRS-originated voice prompts will confirm that the change command has been executed. The PTRS also allows seamless connection of conventional radio systems to the Motorola SmartNet™ trunking system including re-transmission of SmartNet™ Talk Permit tones over the non-trunking radios. This confirms to the operator that the trunking traffic channel has been granted and the message will reach its destination. The PTRS can fully integrate with military radio using simple interface, just a custom link cable, providing a gateway to whatever military secure communication protocols the connected radio is capable of. Multiple control modes are allowed for – ie, the PTRS can fully control the military radio, military radio can control the PTRS, or both modes can be fully active (requires customized software development). Because the PTRS is manufactured with highest-quality industrial grade components and modular construction, the MTBF is high and MTTR is minimal. Optional accessories enable the PTRS to be deployed in rugged terrains over long periods of time without human intervention. This system is available for worldwide lawful usage to civilian or government agencies in any combination of secure or non-secure environments via suitable, approved agents.

Frequency range:

30MHz to 2GHz, FM modulation

Subject to lawful usage and agencies’ permission to operate the equipment in selected band(s) and to FCC or other regulatory agencies’ approvals.

FCC approved
band of operation:

UHF 450–520 MHz; FCC QKGRDX-U2
UHF 806-870 MHz; FCC QKGRDX-U3

Modulation types:

FM modulation. 12.5 kHz ±2.5kHz, 25 kHz ±5.0kHz.
(AM modulation in AV band available on request)

RF specification
and encryption:

As per Motorola ASTRO® XTS3000™ radios

RF power output:

4W nominal or high power using internal or external RF amplifier(s)

DTMF control:

Over-The-Air mode change and other control/configuration parameters. Execution is confirmed by PTRS-originated voice prompt transmissions that are stored in 4Mb dataflash


The PTRS is programmed through an RS-232 and Windows based PC, and Motorola’s XTS3000 CPS software and RIB interface

temperature range:

–30°C to +60°C


Battery recharge:

6 to 8 hours. The discharged PTRS becomes fully operational seconds after being connected to an external power source, and the standard 22AH model will recharge in 6-8 hours from power source rated at 50W between 11VDC and 35VDC.

Battery operating
temperature range:

Discharge: -30°C to +60°C
Charge: 0°C to 50°C (charge above 50°C may affect future battery performance)


RF, 50 Ohm, N Type.
Audio and serial communication via standard 9-way or custom connector


As per Pelican™ case Model 1520 with extra protectors.
19.5W x 15.5D x 8.5H in / 495W x 395D x 215H mm


A wide range of RF, power and audio accessories are available to meet the most demanding deployment scenarios.

deployment kit:

A comprehensive deployment kit contains all items needed to implement a substantial remote site. Compact, and designed for rapid deployment, the kit comprises: tripod stand, mast antenna with suitable antenna and implementation hardware in heavy duty bag.

solar panel kit:

40W solar panel, ruggedized, self-supporting and secured by four anchors in heavy duty travel bag.

The PTRS uses ASTRO® Motorola™ designed and manufactured radio modules.

Specifications are subject to change without notice

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Keywords: Radio, Radio Networks, Radio Systems