Puncture Repair

By: Firestone  06-Dec-2011

A puncture is never a good thing. It slows you down and can mean having to buy a new tyre. But it doesn't have to. That's where our puncture repair service can help. Simply bring in your flat tyre and we'll check it over. Then, where possible, we'll fix it for you professionally and safely (and in line with NZ Standard 5423).

Tips to avoid getting punctures:

·         Che ck the treads on your tyres regularly for imbedded glass,

        stones or other sharp objects.

·         Make sure your tyres are inflated correctly (including the spare).

Never drive on a flat or partially deflated tyre

Driving on a flat tyre is not only dangerous, but it makes it far more likely that you'll need to replace the tyre. So if you get a flat, pull over. Replace it with your spare tyre and bring it in to us as soon as you can.

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Firestone NZ - Tyre Warranties, Road Hazard Warranty and Motormate

All Firestone and Bridgestone tyres come with a manufacturer's warranty that covers workmanship in manufacture on. One free puncture repair and total tyre replacement within the first 12 months or 12,000km, whichever comes first. Firestone Firehawk TZ100 A-motionFirestone TZ700. Free 5,000km tyre maintenance check.


Car batteries

Marine Pro Series - designed for use at sea with vibration resistance to handle wave-pounding conditions and extra capacity to power your boat's accessories. Maintenance Free - a quality all rounder specially designed to be maintenance free. There's nothing worse than being caught out with a flat battery. Your engine turns over slowly or irregularly while starting.


Nitrogen tyre inflation

If you think your tyres are deflating too quickly or if you'd like to try the better performance of Nitrogen inflated tyres, come into Firestone where our technicians will re-inflate them quickly and professionally. Inflating your tyres with Nitrogen is a good way to get better performance and safety from your tyres. Because of this stability in air pressure, Nitrogen can offer some pretty useful advantages.


Firestone NZ - Wheels, European Alloys & Mags

Just like tyres there's a bit of technical information we need to consider, like stud patterns, offset measurements and whether you're looking for Plus One or Plus Two. We can get rims for almost any vehicle, whether it's the latest alloys from Europe or new mags for a 4x4. While tyres are the business end of keeping your car on the road, your wheels are important too. Mags, alloys, standard finish, painted, polished - you name it.


Wheel alignment

So to get the best from your tyres and make sure your car is safe, it's vital you have all four wheels pointing in the right direction. They'll even check the condition of your suspension components and make sure there's the right amount of steering free-play too. When it happens, it can cause serious problems - like irregular wear, lower fuel efficiency and even driver fatigue.


Wheel Balance

Not only will it reduce driver fatigue and motion sickness, but it can also help increase fuel economy and make your tyres, steering and suspension systems last much longer. Special German-designed technology ensures that steel and alloy wheels are absolutely centred to achieve perfect wheel balancing. If your car feels like it's got the shakes, you may well have one or more unbalanced wheels.