By: Firefighters  06-Dec-2011

Accessing your money or making a purchase – made easy.

Your Accesscard (debit card) has its own PIN number and can be used at any ATM or EFTPOS outlet nationwide and at numerous ATM’s offshore.

There are charges attached to the use of this card but you will have 5 free EFTPOS transactions a month before a fee applies. Other banks impose a fee for using their ATM’s which we must pass onto you.

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Types of accounts available to members

This account makes it easier for you to manage your money to cover those regular bills that come up. This is the basic savings account which earns interest and your funds are available for withdrawal. This account allows you access to your funds via ATM’s and EFTPOS outlets at anytime. Types of accounts available to members. Great for budget management purposes.



Borrow for any purpose – debt consolidation, motor vehicle purchase, holiday, home improvements – anything. 10% Savings as above plus additional tangible security cover as agreed. 100% cover by savings as held in Loan Provider account.


Insurance Cover

Premiums are calculated on the amount and term of the loan and underwritten by Vero Insurance. It covers Death and Disability or Death. Credit Union Insurance Cover.