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By: Fire Pit  06-Dec-2011

Format for the competition:

Main event will be a 8 to 10 min. 4 per rider jam format (four riders all riding at the same time pushing there bikes back up the hill). The classes  will be posted and you get in line and order as posted. 


Practice – 12.00 pm – 1.30 –  park is open for all to ride
Reg – 1.30 – 2.00
Comp – 2.00 – 3.45 pm
Awards: 3.50


woman (all ages) – Men (all ages)
MTB 24″ 26″ and BMX 20″ for the below
Open best trick for each class

Comp: 1 – Junior groms (under 10) – C and D lines – table Jumps

Demo – Kelly Mcgarry

Comp: 2 – senior groms  (11-16) (B line – gap jumps)

Comp: 3 – Open / pros (16+) (A line (pro) – gap jumps)


1 to 5 (5 being best)

1. Style
2. Tricking every jump
3. Progression
3. How Unique
4. Difficulty
5. Composition on how you use dirt jump park

Event judges:

Kelly Mcgarry


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It was really good to see community support for the event, with whole families turning out for it. We had some really great support from our sponsors, including which sponsored an ambulance. We had 100 riders riding on the dirt park and pump track, with ages ranging from 3 up. We where impressed by the turnout; we probably had a couple of hundred people. C Line Shredder – Daniel Ehson. Grom (under 15 MTB and BMX.


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Crank and you’re out!Stay on the track or you’re outOnce the rider on course hits the halfway flag, next rider drops inIf you are caught, pull over.As soon as there’s one rider on track, the next rider lines up and drops in as the preceding rider hits the halfway flag. Come out to the Ngatimoti School festival for some country festivities and rip the local firepit pump track.