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By: Fiona Christie  05-Apr-2012

and Fall in Love Again

• Are you discouraged unable to find your ideal partner?

• Do you desire a loving relationship with your soul-mate?

• Do you want to avoid unhappy relationships?

Imagine having someone toshare the laughter of joyful times, to empathize with you when you’re down. Someone with whom you can share a good story, talk about a book, watch late night movies or cuddle in front of the fireplace.

Can you see yourself enjoying this kind of relationship?  You can make it happen. You can re-energize your vitality, forgive yourself for past mistakes, let go of negative emotions and become ready to attract the loving partner you are longing for.

Have You Ever Wondered…

Why some people can let go of one relationship and find another committed partner and enjoy loving companionship again, while others get stuck in the past? The answer – they know how to let go of the loss, but they remember the lessons.

Successful relationships require specific skills and knowledge. After 20 years of studying human development I’ve discovered that most people lack the knowledge and skill required to ‘get it right’ and don’t ask themselves the right questions to really attract to them the person that they would be most suited to.

Once in a relationship, most people don’t actually understand how to keep the relationship alive.

Think of it this way, we went to school and had to learn how to do most of the things in our lives, however nobody taught us how to ‘do’ relationships, how to attract the right partner for us. So for a lot of people, they’re used to the ‘wish list’, and that’s how they decide on a relationship ‘the old ‘pros and cons’ list. It doesn’t work! We’re dealing with human emotion and feeling, there’s more to it than that.

My name is Fiona Christie and I’ve spent over 10 years speaking, coaching and writing about relationships and personal development.  I’ve researched some of the world’s most respected and profound techniques and brought them to the masses.

Through my coaching and training, I’ve found what works and what doesn’t.

And let me tell you, there’s only a little bit that does.

My own life experience saw me going through the break down of a 14 year marriage and out the other side which lead me to question what I needed to do differently to ensure that I didn’t repeat the same process in the next relationship.

I wanted to devise a program that would ensure I met the man of my dreams, that I could keep the relationship alive, vibrant, healthy and be extremely happy.

Well, that’s exactly what I did.  I created this program for myself first, I used it to meet my Barry and we married in 2007.  I realized that a lot of my clients experienced similar issues to what I had, so I decided it would share the process.

At first I shared it with clients, had them go through the process, with fantastic results, take a look at some of their success stories on this page.  Then I knew I had to share it with others, so my ebook was born.

I am my own testimonial, living proof that the system does work.  However it will only work if you follow it!

I know that a lot of you will need some help along the way, so I’ve create two separate programs.

  1. The first option includes the ebook, workbook, templates and bonuses
  2. The second option includes four personal coaching sessions with me

The conclusions I’ve reached and now pass along to many other people have transformed lives.

The key to your successful relationship is actually right in front of you.

And if you find it…

You Can Kiss the Princes/princesses and ditch the frogs

Success Stories

“Last year I was going through a particularly difficult stage in my life – I was extremely unhappy, lonely and depressed following the breakdown of my marriage. A friend encouraged me to attend one of Fiona’s weekend workshops, called “Your Roadmap to Love”. Initially we attended a ½ day workshop which we both thoroughly enjoyed and from there we both decided to attend a further 2-day weekend workshop with Fiona called Shopping List for Love.

The workshops gave me great insight and understanding of what values are important to me and what basically makes me happy.

One particular vision that has always stayed in my head and that I think of all the time is “like attracts like”. Which basically means if you are feeling negative about yourself and have the “all the good men are taken” or “no one would ever want to be with me” attitude, then you are only ever going to attract likeminded people into your life.

After the weekend workshop I attended life coaching sessions with Fiona for several months and during that time I learnt a lot about myself and about what changes I needed to make in my life and how I needed to not live in the past or in the future either – it’s all about living for the now.

I’ve also completed Fiona’s on-line life coaching which reinforced for me a lot of what I had learnt in the weekend workshops and through the life coaching. These are great tools to help you stay on the right track and I enjoyed the tasks involved. One I enjoyed was the writing up the “shopping lists” – which once I got going on I really enjoyed and they made me really think but what I wanted in my future, what sort of person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and where I wanted to go with my career.

This year has just got better and better for me – I’ve moved into a new job, I feel extremely happy with my life and I’ve met an amazing man who I absolutely adore and who adores me.

I know that if I hadn’t taken the steps last year with Fiona’s workshops, internet sessions and one-on-one life coaching that I wouldn’t be in the position that I am now. I can’t thank Fiona enough for all her help, guidance, honestly and words of wisdom.” 

J Martin, Welllington, New Zealand

This program works whether you’re in a relationship or not:

  • If you’re already in a relationship, it will give you a whole you perspective as to why you’re not getting what you want.
  • If you’re not, you’ll know the steps to take to attract your soul mate.
  • You’ll learn how to avoid making costly mistakes
  • You’ll understand how to know exactly what you’re looking for
  • You’ll learn how to gain massive confidence
  • You’ll know what to do
  • You’ll have clear proof you don’t have to be perfect to attract your soul mate
  • You’ll discover the secret to avoiding procrastination and taking action
  • You’ll know the steps to take to succeed
  • You’ll save time, getting started straight away with the process
  • You’ll learn how to stop ‘hiding out’ overcoming fear of failure
  • You’ll understand what it takes to fully commit to a relationship
  • You’ll know why some just won’t commit!
  • You’ll find out what really gets in the way of creating a great relationship
  • You’ll find out why money causes so many issues in relationships
  • You’ll discover your money values and avoid arguing over money
  • You’ll discover the hidden secret behind being valued in a relationship
  • You’ll have a clear blueprint for your future relationship
  • You’ll learn how to use the powerful Law of Attraction in action in relationships

Of course you want to be in a loving relationship…

But for some reason you haven’t been able to create the magic that you see others being have in their relationships. Even if you are in a current relationship, there’s always something ‘missing’. You are discouraged and confused about what to do next. You want to be in a fulfilled, lasting, loving relationship more than anything else – and you deserve to be in one.

I created this program after years of seeing people struggle to work out the relationship roadmap.  They knew they wanted love, but they hadn’t defined what that really meant for them, or, what was standing in the way of them receiving it!

I began noticing a pattern with all of my clients who were looking to create lasting love and when I worked with them on my program they were quickly able to see what had been getting in their way and move forward to a loving, lasting relationship with ease.

An e-coaching course is the perfect answer because each week you get to focus on one piece of the puzzle, one step closer each and every week until you reach week 16. A small amount of time to spend to ‘get it right’.

Does This Sound Like You?

My client had a heart-felt conversation with me, a single woman in her late 30’s she had been in two long term relationships that in her words had ‘failed’.  She didn’t want to make the same mistake again. So she was letting her fear get in the way of dating again, she was fearful that she would make the same mistakes again and end up with a partner who did not value her.  She constantly compared herself to others asking ‘why they had perfect relationships and not her’.  The thought of a painful breakup was too much for her to even contemplate going through again.

Every day I speak to women who want to have a special man to share their life with, they dream of walks on the beach, great heart-felt conversations, fun and passion with a loving partner. Yet many of them are either too afraid, or they don’t stop and ask themselves what they need to learn to get it right.

What Most people searching for love do and why It

Never Works

See if you can find yourself in one of these scenarios:

  • You hit the dating scene straight after the end of a relationship and end up in the same place
  • You don’t take the time to reflect on the lessons that came from previous relationships
  • You don’t know who your ideal partner is
  • You are confused, not knowing how to evaluate your own relationship needs
  • You hide out afraid of meeting anyone new, and wallow in feelings of loss, guilt and despair
  • You’re not really clear about what you are prepared to ‘give’ or ‘receive’ in a relationship
  • You don’t have a clear understanding about what ‘being loved’ really means to you (most people don’t)
  • You think “there are no good men/women left, they are all married, unavailable or not suitable”
  • You’ve given up hope altogether and don’t want to waste your time
  • You’re in a relationship and you start looking for another one rather than working out what the problem is
  • 16 Chapters jammed full of critical love-attracting information that will see you taking positive steps towards a loving, fulfilled relationship
  • Full Workbook so you can coach yourself to success
  • Each chapter of the book is described in the table below for you:
Chapter Title Description
One Beliefs How they effect your relationship attractions
Two Giving and Receiving Without this list, you won’t get what you want
Three Law of Feelings If you miss this step, you’ll end up with what you don’t want
Four Shopping List for Love The key component to getting exactly what you want
Five Letters to Your Soul Mate Bring your future relationship to life every day
Six Refine Your Shopping List Become even clearer with what you want
Seven Money and Relationships Money is the leading cause of conflict in relationships – understand your money values and set your relationship and wealth free
Eight The Law of Love Attraction The powerful Law of Attraction, discover the revolutionary ‘I am’ principle
Nine Create Your Future Map The vision board of your fabulous loving relationship
Ten The Law of Self Belief Without it, you’ll end up attracting unwanted relationships
Eleven An Attitude of Gratitude Acting as if you already have everything you desire
Twelve Secret Law of Allowing Learn to ‘allow’ exactly what you want into your life
Thirteen Law of Avoidance Understanding how to be fully present in every moment
Fourteen Law of Forgiveness Moving on to an exciting loving relationship will never work if you don’t work through the law of forgiveness
Fifteen Law of Releasing Release the past and make way for your fabulous future
Sixteen Law of Action Your fabulous love relationship won’t appear if you sit on the couch!

Bonus 1: You’ll receive designed printable templates along with the workbook so you just fill in the gaps

Bonus 2: Receive absolutely free a copy of my new e-course Change Your Thoughts, Claim Your Love-Life!  A fourteen day e-course (e-book format) packed full of gems that will see you move quickly towards your goal of a loving, lasting relationship

Bonus 3: One voucher for $70 off the price of one coaching call with me (must be used within 4 weeks of purchase)

Shopping List for Love Book



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Shopping List for Love Book


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