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By: Fil Agritech  06-Dec-2011

Open Feeders

This group of feeders all have a full open compartment. When the milk is done, all the calves are done. No bunting or pushing to fight for a teat… they all empty out at the same time. All the feeders come standard with a Peach Teat brand nipple, and multi-teat feeders all come with sturdy metal hanger brackets included for hanging on a 2x4 or solid rail. The Peach Teats all thread into place, making replacement and cleaning the feeder a breeze. The Peach Teat nipples need to be squeezed during cleaning, to flush any excess milk from the teat. The Open feeders are our most popular models

Compartment Feeders

The Compartment feeders by Stallion Plastics have a solid, long lasting construction. Each feeder has a separate compartment for each calf, to even out the amount each calf consumes. These feeders all have the famous Peach Teat brand calf nipples, and the multi-teat feeders all have sturdy metal hanging brackets for hanging on a 2x4 or solid rail. All hardware and teats are included – the kits are ready to go ! All the multi-teat feeders have a threaded Peach Teat, and a threaded ring, both removable for easy cleaning. The Black removable ring can be individually replaced with blank caps, reducing the number of teats if necessary.

Mob / Cart Feeders

Stallion Plastic’s large group feeders for feeding in bulk !

Lamb Bottles/Buckets

FIL now brings supplies from NZ for the sheep too! What better source for sheep supplies than the Worldwide leader!

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