TDL Agritech - Jobe Valves

By: Fil Agritech  06-Dec-2011

RJ Series

The Rojo Valves - Flow rates up to 5 gpm

MF/TP Series

The Topaz & Megaflow Series – flow rates up to 80 gpm

VX Series

The Vortex Valves – flow rates up to 275 gpm

Jobe Accessories

Great Accessories for making the job easier

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TDL Agritech - FIL Products

FIL’s range of Teat Dips, udder balm, and hoof sprays – recognized globally as premier quality. Markers for Dairy, Beef, Sheep, and others. Animal Markers for Heat Detection.


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All the feeders come standard with a Peach Teat brand nipple, and multi-teat feeders all come with sturdy metal hanger brackets included for hanging on a 2x4 or solid rail. These feeders all have the famous Peach Teat brand calf nipples, and the multi-teat feeders all have sturdy metal hanging brackets for hanging on a 2x4 or solid rail. The Peach Teat nipples need to be squeezed during cleaning, to flush any excess milk from the teat.


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Udder Cream Containing the essential oils of Calendula, Peppermint, Teatree, and Eucalyptus blended as an ultramicro-emulsion in a gentle aqueous base. Under the heading “Equimint Muscle Cream”, insert this: A soothing combination of natural essential oils in a cream base. Helps to reduce udder edema in the fresh cow, as well as to reduce mastitis 'flare up' when detected early.