By: Fells  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Fibre, Sleeping Sack

Fells Mountain Sack brings you a world first; even warmth and luxurious comfort in any conditions.

Equally efficient at managing temperature and moisture as a liner to improve the range of your sleeping bag, or as a sleeping sack in hot, humid climates, the Fells Mountain Sack will take you anywhere.

The Fells Mountain Sack was developed in the heart of New Zealand’s high country where Merino sheep roam freely and produce a super soft, fine, white fibre that keeps them comfortable and healthy in a range of extremes. So how does our Merino keep you comfortable?

Merino fibre is highly ‘breathable’. Moisture vapour and liquid moisture pass freely through individual fibres and through the knit structure. This means it takes a longer time for you to feel sweaty when you’re wearing Merino compared to synthetic fabrics.

Merino keeps you warm when the weather’s wild, but cool when it counts. Air is a fantastic insulator and because of the natural crimp of Merino and the knit structure of Fells Mountain Sacks there is plenty of potential to trap warm air.

Even if your Mountain Sack gets wet, Merino is able to absorb that moisture into the fibre structure, altering the internal chemistry of Merino to release energy as heat. This phenomenon is termed ‘heat of sorption’. Now, this also works in reverse – if you’re in a hot climate, moisture held in your Mountain Sack will evaporate into the surrounding environment. This chemical process uses energy, therefore having a cooling effect.

Made from 100% super fine 18.9 micron Merino (that’s a measure of fibre thickness; the finer the micron, the softer the product. To give you a comparison, human hair is around 60 micron) our products are super soft!

Measurements: 200cm x 60cm

Price: $140 NZD plus postage


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Keywords: Fibre, Sleeping Sack