Christchurch Appeal - Fatimah Foundation

By: Fatimah Foundation  05-Apr-2012

Civil Defence Welfare Centre Auckland

Hundreds of people have been support by Fatimah Foundation Staff and Ambassadors over the course of the past weeks at the 13 Lambie Drive,  Welfare Centre, Manukau, Auckland coordinated by Civil Defence.

After being contacted by Civil defence,  a meeting was called on Tuesday, 1st March by Fatimah Foundation  to discuss the practical support and placement of Muslim families coming to Auckland from Christchurch. This meeting  was initiated by FIANZ and had the presence of Auckland Muslim Council members and several Masjids  from Auckland and IWCNZ, ARMS, and Civil Defence.

It was decided that Fatimah Foundation would take a  role in supporting Muslim families as they arrived in Auckland and will take the key role of informing various community groups of the crisis progression.

The Welfare Centre based in Faith City Church comprises of  Civil Defence, Fatimah Foundation, Red Cross, Victim Support, WINZ, Housing New Zealand, Child Youth and Family who provide needs assessments and support to quake victims.

Fatimah Foundation has taken a pro active role in championing the cause of  evacuated victims as they arrive at the welfare centre. Advocacy and support is provided by Fatimah Foundation. Fatimah Foundation volunteers play the role of ensuring that families that come through are greeted and made to feel at home by offering tea/coffee hot meals and emotional and cultural support, adding to the warmth of the welfare centre.
Where needed, Fatimah Foundation networks with relevant authorities in order to support the families. In addition to this, Halal food is provided for the victims at the welfare centre by the Muslim community for which FIANZ has offered a financial contribution.  Close to 2000 hot meals have been made and distributed from the Welfare Centre and community support networks.

Ministry of Social Development has been working with Fatimah Foundation offering cultural and language support. They also provided transport with driver for  the evacuees to appropriate accommodation in various locations.

Fatimah Foundation Family Centre 7 Piki Thompson Way Otahuhu Auckland

In addition to helping at the welfare centre, things are busy at the Family Centre. Food and clothing donations are received at the office and gathered so they may be delivered to the victims who are placed in temporary accommodations within Auckland. As the motel rooms are restricted, Fatimah Foundation is trying to assist as much as possible with the delivery of essential food items to the families.

Specifically, essentials that are being delivered from the food bank include: oil, flour, rice, noodles, baked beans, spaghetti, sugar, pasta, milk, tinned fish, fruit salad and tea bags. Requests are made to the community to donate further and there is a current shortage of empty bottles and cardboard boxes at the Family Centre. Community volunteers, make these boxes ready for delivery to the victims and foundation representatives take them and deliver them to the victims.

- Azoora Ali, YMWA  
5th  March 2011