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By: Fast Forward Fitness  05-Apr-2012
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Isn’t personal training expensive?
That depends on how much you value your health and the quality of your lifestyle. What can’t you do (or lack confidence with) at the moment that you would like to be able to do, do better or do with less pain? If you could take a pill that would ensure you stayed fit and healthy and able to do everything you wanted in life until the day you die, how much would you be prepared to pay for that pill?

Can we guarantee you will achieve your goals?
If your goals are realistic and you are prepared to do whatever is necessary including training and lifestyle changes then we can guarantee you will see faster results using a personal trainer. If for some reason you are still not achieving the results you desire we will chat with you about other possible avenues and professionals who may be able to help, this is occasionally the case with biomechanical/pain challenges.

I’m a confident gym goer and just want a routine!
Even individuals who have trained in gyms for years may see a benefit in using a personal trainer. Is your body in balance? Are all your muscles firing properly? Do you have areas of weakness that are holding you back? Are you getting the most out of your exercises? Do you understand how altering training frequency, intensity and tempo can improve your results? Technique sessions, stretching sessions, a core strengthening program, and or a periodised training program can help even seasoned gym goers get more out of their training.

I don’t need a gym program I got one off the net/out of a magazine!
Great! We hope that works for you. Just be aware that the routine you have is not written for you and is a routine not a program (see Program vs Routine). Everyone has individual requirements regarding exercise prescription. A personal trainer will take your goals and requirements along with your lifestyle into consideration when writing a routine or program.

Keywords: Personal Training

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NB if you are a competent trainer, have sound technique, good posture, no challenges regarding pain, muscle imbalances or tightness, have good nutrition, and know how to achieve your goals safely and effectively I am not going to try to sell you twice weekly personal training sessions.


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Craig started his fitness career at The Millennium Institute of Sport as a gym instructor, shortly afterwards he moved to a boutique studio working as a fitness supervisor, personal trainer, and group exercise instructor for spinning, power plate and boxing. I don’t want to add too much size or weight as I also have some goals for a number of mid-long distance trail running events, so I will be looking to keep my body fat between 8 – 11%.