centre column for some people is at the bottom of the 2 side bars-so scroll down the page

By: Family Integrity  06-Dec-2011

.centre column for some people is at the bottom of the 2 side bars-so scroll down the page

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Most people looking at this website see the two side bars and the blog entries in the middle.
For some people they see the 2 side bars and nothing in the middle. If you scroll down you will find the blog entries where the 2 side bars finish.
We are trying to see what we can do [..]

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Every parent of a child and…everyperson in the place of the parent ofa child is justified in using force byway of correction towards the child, ifthe force used is reasonable in thecircumstances.


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Free Registration!Lunch Provided – Donations WelcomeAs a local pro-life group we have become increasingly convinced that whilst many of us are intuitively pro-life, we need to be better at articulating…“why we believe what we.


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These are called Members’ bills, and are debated in the House every second Wednesday when the House is sitting.Do Members’ bills ever become law?The Government has its own policy programme and priorities, and. Members’ billsMembers of Parliament who are not Government Ministers can put forward bills that are not part of the Government’s programme. Crimes (Abolition of Force as a Justification for Child Discipline) Amendment Bill”.


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A group of 15 Christian home educating fathers is coming from the USA to investigate New Zealand as a possible place to which to re-locate their families. I am calling on you all to make contact with people that you may know tohelp collect signatures this week during the Gold Guitars in Gore. CIR Petition to be presented on steps of Parliament at 12.30pm today. Meeting in Mt Roskill Monday night.