Services | EzyGro - Hawke's Bay new lawns, hydroseeding, dry seeding lawns, instant lawns, lawn construction, lawn renovation

By: Ezygro  06-Dec-2011
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Services | EzyGro - Hawke's Bay new lawns, hydroseeding, dry seeding lawns, instant lawns, lawn construction, lawn renovation

EZYgro Hydroseeding

EZYgro Hydroseeding (also known as “spray on” lawn) is a planting process consisting of a slurry mix of water, grass seed, organic mulch, and fertiliser. This slurry is transported in a tank to your home and sprayed over the prepared ground in a uniform layer.

EZYgro Hydroseeding has been developed over a number of years and is a superior alternative to the traditional methods of sowing dry lawn seed.

The EZYgro Hydroseeding technology has the following benefits over other forms of lawn establishment.

  • Rapid germination.
  • Establishes a dense, lush and even lawn.
  • Suppresses weeds.
  • Researched and selected blend of grasses for germination qualities, suitability for Hawkes Bay, durability and appearance.
  • Stabilises the soil and reduces the risk of “washouts”.

Your new lawn is sprayed on using the protective odorless mulch covering which has an attractive green appearance. Germination time depends on the weather and the consistency of water application but in prime growing conditions your new lawn will be visible with in 5 -7 days. You simply need to “just add water” on a daily basis. The mulch disappears as your lawn starts to grow and has mostly vanished by the time of the first mow only a few weeks after EZYgro Hydroseeding!

At EZYgro, not only do we guarantee a quality lawn but we also provide you with a complimentary weed spray and fertiliser application after germination. In the unlikely event of an unsatisfactory result (i.e. extreme weather conditions) we will return and rectify your lawn at no additional cost.

EZYgro Dry Seeding Lawns

We offer the cheaper and traditional method of sowing grass and lawn by applying seed to a prepared surface.
We use methods and equipment which gives the best results for dry seeding germination and lawn establishment.

EZYgro Dry Seeding suits those on a budget, and we find it popular for less visual areas, with clients sometimes saving the EZYgro Hydroseeding option for their more important lawn spaces.

EZYgro Instant Lawns

We will prepare your ground surface for EZYgro Instant Lawn, and our experienced team will then lay the EZYgro Instant Lawn for you to ensure the successful root establishment and seamless edging and joins.

Our operations manager Owen Clarke has worked with instant lawn laying for a number of years both in New Zealand and overseas. His experience means that you can be confident in your lawn investment.

EZYgro Lawn Construction

We have a complete kit of machinery which makes the preparation of your lawn surface prior to sowing quick and non invasive.

Our EZYgro machinery enables us to expertly shape and level your lawn area so that it is well prepared for the next step in establishing your lawn. We regularly supply topsoil, often necessary to give a quality finish and level.  We can remove discarded organic rubbish.

Our team will operate around your existing garden in a careful manner, leaving your property clean and tidy. 

Despite your best attempts, sometimes a lawn can start to look a little tardy and patchy. At EZYgro we can offer advice and service to bring your lawn back to its former glory.

Our service includes dethatching, weed spraying, direct drilling, oversowing, and EZYgro Hydroseeding on those bare patches. We can also put you in contact with specialist services who can help you maintain your lawn once the renovation is complete.

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