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By: Executive Pools  06-Dec-2011
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Let Executive Pools take the struggle out of looking after your pool.

We know how hard it can be to keep your pool clean all year round. With having to remove leaves, chemically treat the water, and vacuum the pool, you might spend more time looking after your pool than enjoying it.

We offer a complete pool valet service and can attend to your pool on a regular fortnightly or monthly basis, to help keep your pool clean, and sparkling clear so that all you have to do is swim and relax. This service includes
• Pool Vacuum
• Back Wash & Rinse Filter
• Clean skimmer and hair and lint baskets
• Brush walls/stairs
• Chemical Balance and shock dose of the pool water
• Rake Leaves from the pool
We charge $60.00 plus GST per valet, plus chemicals are charged when replaced.  Why not get us in when you go on holiday to valet and check on your pool - no more coming home to a green and unbalanced pool. Or let us take the hardwork out of summer and take advantage of the above complete valet service for a perfect pool all summer long.Have a party or social gathering coming up? - let us know and we can make sure your pool is in optimum condition in time for your special occasion.

Pool Problems

Got a problem with your pool? Common problems can often be avoided with regular maintenance and inspection of your equipment. To avoid costly and unnecessary repairs, give Executive Pools a call.

We can come out and inspect your pool and equipment and carry out any regular service work before problems occur. If you're already experiencing problems, our service team is fully qualified with years of experience and here to help diagnose and treat your problems quickly and efficiently.

Pre Season Service:
We offer an on-site maintenance check of your pool equipment and water balance testing for only $60.00 plus GST. Any chemicals added will be charged as required. Any maintenance problems that we find will be explained in our full written report.

Common maintenance work that Executive Pools can undertake for you:

• Maintenance Service - Filtration equipment, pumps, automatic cleaners, heat pumps, ozone units and auto chlorinators.-
Many people make the mistake of only treating their pool with chemicals and forget about all the equipment hidden under the deck or in the filter shed. However all of this is keeping your pool running and should be checked and serviced regularly to avoid costly problems. Executive Pools can help you maintain your equipment for a more efficient, and cleaner pool. With regular routine maintenance, your pool will have clearer water, will be easier to clean, and all the equipment will work more efficiently and effectively.

• Sand Change - Your filter is full of a special sand that helps to filter out bacteria and diirt from your pool. Overtime, this sand can become clogged and ineffective. If left for too long, your pool can become expensive to treat with chemicals as it is unable to filter correctly. Costly damage can also occur within the filter. Executive Pools recommends that Sand Changes should be done every three/four years for a healthy filter and crystal clear water. • Diver - We have our own diver that can locate any leakage problem quickly or remove unsightly minor stains. If you are regularly having to top up your pool, you may have a leak in the pool, or in your pipework. Executive Pools can come out and search for holes or cracks in your pool, whether it be concrete, fibreglass, or vinyl. We can also pressure test your pools pipework to quickly diagnose hidden problems if you are losing water through your pipework.Mistreatment of your pool in the past may have resulted in unsightly stains and blemishes. Many of these can be resolved without having to empty the pool. If your pool has imperfections in its surface, we can come out and decide on the best way to deal with them. Common problems include blackspot algae, rust stains, copper stains (blue/green tint), leaf and debris stains, and calcium deposits. Many of these can be treated either by chemical treatment of the pool or by our diver physically removing them. For the more stubborn or difficult stains, the pool may need to be emptied, chemically cleaned and water blasted. This will remove the majority of stains and blemishes. For major stains, surface damage, or simply for a revitalised appearance your pool can also be resurfaced. Executive Pools can undertake all manner of pool resurfacing work, including replastering, tiling or painting of your pools surface.Contact Executive Pools now and find out how easy it is for us to solve your problems, and keep your pool and equipment in top condition.
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