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By: Exclaimer  06-Dec-2011
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absolutely free


We’ve been using

Outlook Photos

And oh so simple

It’s real easy to set up Outlook Photos too. Just install the download on any convenient computer in your network and if you’ve got the rights, you can update the photos. We just store the image data in the user’s thumbnailPhoto Active Directory attribute. Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010 do the rest.

Built with you in mind

There’s a range of

import options

to take a folder full of photos and link them to the right people in your GAL. Maybe you’ve already named your files for the subject of the photo? Perhaps you’ve got a digital camera full of files with names like IMG-0123.jpeg? No matter, Exclaimer Outlook Photos just gets on with the job of importing your photos and updating your GAL. There’s also really cool auto clipping functionality that works so well, you won’t even know it’s there. You'll be amazed how simple it all is - much easier than using the import-recipientdataproperty Powershell command and at no extra charge!

Be daring…why stop at Outlook?

Of course your customers can’t see your GAL so they won’t feel the benefit even if they use Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2010. There is another way… You can put a GAL photo into your

or your

templates so everybody you talk to knows just how good you look.

Fully featured and absolutely free

Outlook Photos is


– not just for you to try, not just for a limited period, not with feature limitations but absolutely free. You get it all and there is nothing to pay. That doesn’t mean we’ve scrimped on the features or wound down the quality. If it’s got Exclaimer on the box then it’s our best work, period. Download it now and check it out.

Trusted, respected and global

Exclaimer products are installed on thousands of computers all over the world, processing millions of mails per day in some of the largest organizations on the planet. We know they work for them and we’re sure they will work for you.

Keywords: Microsoft Exchange

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