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By: Evertz Microsystems  06-Dec-2011
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Unified Facility Control

Evertz' MAGNUM Unified Control System addresses the ever-growing challenges broadcasters face as facilities become larger, more complex and distributed. MAGNUM has been designed to unify the control and operation of the routing core, master control, production switching, advanced transport and multi-viewer. MAGNUM bridges all of the major components within the broadcast path under a single point of control enabling broadcasters to simplify facility workflow and gain efficiency while reducing operational costs.

Key Benefits
  • ROBUST • Unix based operating system, redundant networking, multi node cluster with automatic fail over
  • SCALABLE • Dozens of devices, hundreds of panels and control interfaces
  • UNIFIED • Routers, multiviewers, terminal equipment, etc. all managed and controlled with an integrated system
  • WEB INTERFACE • No software to install. Configure and manage MAGNUM from anywhere using only a web browser from your computer or mobile device
    • CENTRALIZED NAME MANAGEMENT • Manage all facility names from a single interface. MAGNUM will automatically keep everything in sync
    • ACCESS PROFILES • Give each panel, user, interface its own customized access to resources
    • SEAMLESS RECONFIGURATION • Make configuration changes while minimizing impact on the operation of the system
    • 3RD PARTY INTEGRATION • Integrate existing third party systems into one centralized control environment

Key Features

ROUTER CONTROL • Award winning router control with seamless tie-line management, virtual port assignments, destination mirroring, namesets and much more

INTELLIGENT PATHFINDING WITH AUTOMATIC SIGNAL CONVERSION • MAGNUM can automatically find a path through multiple "hops" of devices including infrastructure gear when a signal requires conversion or augmentation

MULTIVIEWER CONTROL • Integrated signal routing, layout recall, UMD naming, window tally and timer control

SCRIPTING • Flexible scripting engine exposing powerful APIs allowing users to program actions based on system status or events

TALLY • Integrated tally with production switchers, master control, multi-viewersand discrete tally devices

ADVANCED TRANSPORT • Provision, schedule and manage network and optical link bandwidth and pathfinding for Evertz' Advanced Transport System

Web Interface

MAGNUM provides an intuitive and powerful web based interface for system definition, management and control, all accessible through modern web browsers from anywhere in the facility.


Users can drag, drop, position and size status widgets to provide a heads up overview of current system status and recent events.


Manage multiple sets of names for all sources and destinations in a single and intuitive tabular view that can be easily filtered and searched.


Drag and drop button placement, panel cloning and edit multiple panels simultaneously for efficient panel management.


Live control of system elements right from the web browser. MAGNUM web based management and control options are finely tuned for mobile devices and feature live, asynchronous feedback which accurately reflects system state.

Multi-System Control Panels

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Slim and silent design
  • High resolution LCD touch screens
  • Web based configuration - no software to install
  • Reprogrammable LCD buttons
  • Multiple profiles for user based system access and customization

Interface Applications Available For:

  • Router control
  • Multiviewers system control
  • All Evertz terminal equipment control
  • Clip player control
  • Keyer control
  • Logo inserter control
  • Count up/down timer control

All multi-system control panels have high resolution LCD touch screens

Desktop and scope mounts are available for the CP2116E-H

Router Control Panels

Evertz has a comprehensive range of router control panels to suit any routing needs.

Features include:

  • 1RU or 2RU options
  • LCD programmable or fixed buttons
  • XY or button per source
  • Level break aways
  • Joystick interface
  • Source chopping
  • Programmable menus
  • Src/dst scroll lists or prefix based
  • Locks


Evertz is pleased to launch MAGNUM Router SS. Based on MAGNUM's router control module, MAGNUM Router SS is a router control system targeted at smaller routing systems.

Using a web based configuration GUI, MAGNUM Router SS supports real time panel programming, drag and drop router and panel designers, and a host of other features which make system management easier and more powerful than ever before. The web based GUI also provides real time feedback about the system including device status, panel status, etc. MAGNUM Router SS is provided on a rack mountable hardware platform that can side by side mount a redundant controller or a control panel.

Key Benefits
  • Compact, rack mountable hardware controller
  • Extremely flexible naming system
  • Redundant hardware controllers
  • Web based configuration with a single user interface
  • Supports all Evertz Routers (up to 576 sources or destinations max.)
    • Drag and Drop panel programming
    • Support for all Evertz routers or multi-system control panels
    • Multi-level support for smaller complex router systems

Keywords: Router, Routing

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