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By: Eurocorp  06-Dec-2011

New Xtra-Ductile 500E mesh

Euro Corporation is proud to announce another first

We are the first company in New Zealand to launch a compliant, 500E ductile reinforcing mesh in response to recent changes to the New Zealand Building Code.

With the August 1, 2011 DBH announcement that 500E ductile mesh is now required for all slabs-on-ground construction in order to comply with Acceptable Solution B1/AS1, the challenge for us was how quickly we could provide a simple and easy to use solution for our customers.

We set ourselves a target of just 8 weeks to do this.

Ideally we needed to design and produce a new 500E reinforcing mesh, which met all of the applicable codes and standards, but was similar to the 665 mesh builders and specifiers are used to. We thought this was the best way to make life easy for builders, specifiers and building inspectors too.

We are pleased to announce we made it!

The first sheets of EuroSteel SE615-500 Xtra-Ductile 500E are available for sale through selected merchant outlets.

For reasons we are all very aware of, initial supply will focus on Christchurch in support of the city’s efforts to rebuild.

Supply to the rest of the country will begin soon after, so keep in touch with your builders’ merchant so you know when it will be available in your area.

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