Esthetica Skin Revision Clinic

By: Esthetica  06-Dec-2011

What is the difference between professional skin care products and the general products available through pharmacies, department stores and direct marketing?

The skin care brands used, recommended and sold by professionally qualified skin care specialists offer many more skin are and treatment choices. When combined with the skills of your specialist, these products offer you more effective and intense treatments in the clinic, with better and faster results. Because your specialist can choose from a much wider selection of specific and higher potency products, your skin care at home can be tailored to your personal conditions and needs.

Such a professionally prescribed skincare regime is not only more effective, but it doesn't have to cost more.

At Esthetica, to meet the diverse requirements of our clients, we have carefully selected what we believe to be the best the professional industry has to offer with a variety of top quality and highly effective skin type and every budget.