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Fresh Coffee Beans (1KG)
La Roma - Carribean (Medium Roast) $36.50
La Roma Sicilian (Dark Roast) $36.50
WEKKA Premium $38.60
Vending Milk powder (500g)
Cappuccino Crema (Milk Powder) $10.00  
Vending Chocolate
Vending Chocolate (1KG) $19.95
Vending Chocolate Fairtrade (2KG) $44.00
Instant Coffee (500g)
Granulated Vending $18.95
Powder Vending $18.95
Lemon & Barley(2KG)
CCNZ Lemon & Barley $40.00
Plain Tea Bags (500) $14.95
8oz Vending Cups (50) $8.80
Foam Poly Cups (25) $1.75
Vending Sugar (1kg) $3.95
Sugar sasches (100) $4.00

All prices excl GST
* Free freight on local orders of $150+ (excl GST)
Special prices when you lease a coffee machine from us - conditions apply



Fresh Milk vs Dried Milk

Fresh Milk requires refrigeration, some additional milk frothing equipment, additional storage and daily cleaning. Both the up front equipment cost and ongoing consumable cost are higher than with dried milk.

Dried Milk can come in a number of forms including granulated, powdered, skim, non-dairy and frothing varieties.

While fresh milk may be the first choice, the quality of dried milk has improved significantly over recent times and in many cases it may be hard to distinguish the difference when a top quality dried milk is used in your Coffee Vending Machine.


The cost of renting a coffee machine and purchasing your product from us is about the same or even less than you currently spend on fresh milk, milo, instant coffee and tea?
This is because nothing is wasted as the machines are extremely efficient and our milk is a lot cheaper than fresh milk.

Customers often ask me. Why does our coffee taste so good, unlike the coffee from some other vending machines?

The answer is simple: Correct Extraction results in a nice thick yellowish crema on top of the espresso, Fresh Beans, Quality Milk & Chocolate products and regular cleaning.
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Keywords: Coffee, Coffee Machine, Dried Milk, Milk,

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Service & Parts

Purchase enough product from us and register your interest for a *Maintenance Contract and we wil discount your service charge by 30%, excluding km charge and parts. Regular service of your coffee machine will not only ensure better quality coffee but will avoid those ill timed expensive break downs. We offer service for Necta range coffee machines: Colibri C3. Lease machine Customers pay nothing for service.