By: Ericbakker  05-Apr-2012

Articles on is Eric Bakker’s website which contains a large amount of comprehensive articles on many different conditions.

Eric’s articles have been published in New Zealand’s Healthy Options magazine and Good Magazine, whilst others have been published in other health magazines and various newspapers both in NZ and overseas. Some articles have been used as the basis of radio programs and small television productions. All articles are entirely original, have been thoroughly researched and most are fully referenced.

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Are Guys Afraid Of Doctors

This may require some convincing with some men, as many men in my experience view health check ups as a “waste of money” and prefer to visit their doctor only when they have extreme or debilitating pain to the point where they can hardly move.


Bad Bacteria Are A Common In Candida Yeast Infections

It has been estimated that up to an amazing sixty percent or more of your body’s immune activity is inside your small intestine, in fact most of these bacteria are in a 75 millimeter concentration of the duodenum, the first part of the small bowel.


We Need To Change How We Eat

Stomach –The peak performance of your stomach is between 7.00 – 9.00am, so by including plenty of proteins in your breakfast at this time, you will ensure a more complete breakdown of foods rather than eating loads of heavy proteins at your evening meal.