By: Equip  05-Apr-2012

maggie barry

At the invitation of Equip, the new Member of Parliament for North Shore and well known television personality, Maggie Barry recently visited their Windsor Park site.

It was a chance for Equip CEO Naomi Cowan to share some of the challenges that mental health organisations such as Equip have with service provision under the current government.  We think it is great to build relationships with key figures in government and for them to have some understanding of what is really happening on the ground in the charitable sector and how this helps the government to achieve their goals for community welfare and improvement.  Maggie heard powerful stories of changed lives and spent time asking may questions of service users about their experiences and how they have been changed by the help they have received. 

Afternoon tea was served outside in the community gardens when invariably many questions were put to Maggie about gardening techniques and best strategies by a group of dedicated people involved in the gardens project.  Maggie showed, what we all know she possesses, a warm and engaging personality with an in-depth knowledge of gardens and an increasing desire to serve the community we live in at a political level.

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Commmunity Gardens

Over the past few months the Community Gardens at our Windsor Park site have been bursting with produce. Each Saturday a bunch of people made up of Equip clients, staff, church volunteers, tend to the garden. Teaching and learning from each other about how to grow ones own food, propagate seeds, etc. This is a joint venture between Windsor Park Church and Equip. Teaching skills to help people produce their own food.