Commmunity Gardens

By: Equip  05-Apr-2012

Commmunity Gardens

Over the past few months the Community Gardens at our Windsor Park site have been bursting with produce.

This is a joint venture between Windsor Park Church and Equip. Each Saturday a bunch of people made up of Equip clients, staff, church volunteers, tend to the garden. The produce grown has gone to the foodbank and to people who enjoy fresh veggies but are on a limited budget. It has inspired some of those working in the garden to grow their own.

The purpose of the Community Gardens are:

Promoting Community:

friendships, enhanced sense of community, family bonding, creating community pride, promoting sharing.

Food Production:

for the community families(working in the garden) and the food bank and others Equip clients and others struggling to make ends meet.


foster connections with natural processes, create opportunities for physical exercise, relaxation, and stress relief.

Learning new skills:

teaching and learning from each other about how to grow ones own food, propagate seeds, etc; how to build planter boxes.


teaching skills to help people produce their own food.


of land for those that don't have, skills to help people, equipment.

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