Energy Healing

By: Equilibrium  06-Dec-2011

Energy Healing

Unlock your greatest potential and master your own creative process!

Creating the journey into your future that you really desire, requires a high level of synchronicity and alignment within your body, mind and related energy fields.

Lie back and enjoy a full energy realignment and healing. Experience the power and effectiveness of subtle techniques, including Reiki, which remove blockages and encourage the optimal flow of vitality throughout the body and associated energy fields. Jane is gifted with the ability to see and read auras; vastly amplifying the level and range of results achieved. All aspects of the body-mind-spirit benefit from energy healing and even very old traumas can be released.

The Law of Attraction, made popular by Esther Hicks and the movie The Secret, requires us to align our frequency to that which we desire to attract into our life. Jane's treatments and intuitive advice focus on enhancing your ability to create your life journey just as you want it.

If you have increased stress levels after the Christchurch earthquakes, then a deep relaxation treatment will reset your body to a new level of harmony and equilibrium.

Specific work can involve chakra balancing and energising, Kundalini awakening, raising conscious awareness, increasing inuitive faculties, releasing deep cellular memories and realising blissful states.

Babies and children respond particularly well to energy work and can have a 15 min treatment if required.

30 mins $55

60 mins $110 

Distant Healing Transformation

Get expert transformation by a Master Energy Healer, no matter where you are in the world.

The energy is very powerful and is aligned to the highest 'blessing' energy. This type of energy far exceeds the power of traditional 'healing' energies and is as effective when experienced at a distance as it is in personal consultations.

During the first half an hour you will sit or lie down and receive the transmission of the transformational energy. This is followed by a Skype or phone call for half an hour, during which you will receive spiritual mentoring and more energy healing. You are recommended to record the call for future reference it will contain many layers and dimensions of healing frequencies that will be released as you become ready to receive them.

60 mins NZ$150 

prepaid by Paypal

Weekend Healing Intensives

Powerful paradigm shifts can be achieved when the focus is maintained for a whole weekend.
A Weekend Intensive is a 2 and 1/2 day process of transformational healing and energy work, interspersed with time to equilibrate the learnings and integrate the new blueprints.
The focus is aimed at facilitating your waking up to your true self and to put an end the frustration of seeking.

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