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By: Energy  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Electricity, Wind Farm, Turbines

Energy3 provides a wide range of services to clients who wish to develop distributed generation projects of a modest scale (0.1MW -10 MW).

Energy3 has developed, owns and operates two small scale wind farms; and has consented a number of other wind farms. Energy3 consequently has "hands on" experience of small scale distributed wind farm development.

Energy3 recognizes that successful distributed wind farm development requires a tight control over costs to ensure that projects are viable. Energy3 development services aim to provide this from in house experience and resources.

Our experience and capabilities are:

Wind Farm Development

  • Negotiation of land access agreements for wind farming- up to 150MW
  • Evaluating wind farm site energy potential using "Wind Farm" software
  • Project economic evaluation to for investors and banks
  • Wind farm ecology, noise and visual impact assessments for consenting
  • Pre feasibility engineering of small scale wind farms up to 5MW
  • Consenting community scale wind farms up to 5MW
  • Evaluation and comparison of new versus used wind turbines
  • Sourcing, purchasing, importing and reconditioning second hand wind turbines
  • Construction, installation and commissioning wind farms
  • Connection of wind turbines to the local area network
  • Contracting with the local area network for connection
  • Negotiation of electricity sales agreements to a retailer
  • Maintaining and operating wind turbines
Project Client Completion Date Description
Southbridge Energy3 2004 Project development, 100 kW turbine procurement, installation, connection and operations
Weld Cone Energy3 2010 Project development, 3 x 250kW turbines procurement, installation, connection and operations
Lulworth Energy3 2010 Project development and Consenting of 1 MW project
Duelling Banjos Energy3 2009 Wind Assessment, energy yield, noise and visual impact studies
Haycocks Station Energy3 2009 Land Agreement, wind and network load flow assessments
Horse Shoe Bend Pioneer Generation 2007 - 9 Site evaluation, energy yield, procurement of 3 x 750kW turbines
Jericho Station Pioneer Generation 2008 Site evaluation, negotiations for land access agreement, design of wind monitoring program
Land Evaluation Solid Energy 2006 Evaluation of the wind farm potential for all Solid Energy Properties
Dome Hill Station D Douglas 2009 Negotiations on Land Access and Development Agreement
Woodhill Carter Holt Harvey 2006 Valuation of Woodhill site with a range of development options with Vestas and Enercon turbines
Mokairua Eastland Infrastructure 2007 Feasibility Engineering of a single turbine development
Lyttleton Lyttleton Port Company 2006 Wind monitoring and conceptual engineering for a single turbine development
Brockman Hill Network Waitaki 2006 Feasibility engineering of single turbine wind farm development
Big Hill Strategic Finance 2007 Assessment and investigation of 5 MW wind farm development
Mount Trotter Pederson Reid 2007 Site assessment for wind farming
Lake Grassmere Dominion Salt 2009 Review of wind data, assessment of wind farming to displace electricity purchases
Watership Downs Roger Slee 2008 Evaluation of wind farm integration for Irrigation
Maxwell Road Mount View Farms Limited 2008 Feasibility Engineering of 1.8 MW wind farm development
Bluff Hill Network Waitaki 2009 Feasibility Study for EECA's pilot distributed generation fund
Isolated Hill Main Power 2009 Site evaluation, energy yield and evaluation of 1.5 MW Chinese Ming Yang turbines
Distributed Generation Energy and Environmental Conservation Agency 2007 Economics of Distributed wind generation in New Zealand using second hand European turbines

Wind measurement and Monitorng

  • Site survey and design of wind monitoring programme
  • Design, manufacture and installation of wind masts from 10m up to 80m
  • Installation of wind masts and measurement instrumentation from 10m up to 80m
  • Download, monitoring, analysis and reporting of wind data on a monthly basis
  • Design, construction and operation of remote power supplies for Lidar Unit
  • Operational maintenance of wind masts, monitoring instruments and Lidar Units

Keywords: Electricity, Turbines, Wind Farm, Wind Farm Development

Other products and services from Energy


Energy 3 - assessment

Concurrently, detailed engineering and commercial evaluations are conducted to assess the construction requirements, and ensure that acceptable commercial terms can be agreed for connection into the local distribution network and for the sale of generated electricity.


Energy 3 - turbine

The capital cost of second hand turbines is less than half of a new turbine, while the operating life of the turbines can be extended with professional reconditioning of major rotating parts and consumable items such as mountings and brakes prior to re installation. To ensure these sitescan be developed, of which there are many in New Zealand close to existing lines, Energy3 has relationships with suppliers of second hand turbines from Europe.