Enable :: Data Networking

By: Enable  05-Apr-2012

Speed of communications and efficiency of sharing information can give your organisation competitive edge.

The speed of the data connections to your offices in Christchurch and around New Zealand can be significantly increased using Enable’s fibre. Our fibre delivers the connectivity in Christchurch, and then partners deliver the National and International connections.

Affordable - Faster data networks for less cost
- High reliability and performance to 10Gbps
- Improved business/IT communication
– business or corporate quality options 

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Enable :: Business Solutions

When your technology partner provides your business with an Enable fibre solution you get superior reliability and performance from a purpose built fibre network with local ownership and support. Enable provides the high speed connection between your branch offices or from your business to your IT or communications retail service provider. Business Ethernet – ultimate in affordable bandwidth, SME grade shared fibre, 2.5Mbps to>100Mbps.


Enable :: Retail Service Providers

You will buy services from the retail service providers you want to, and they will work behind the scenes with Enable to arrange your connection so they can deliver their services to you over our fibre network. Initially retail service providers will include phone and internet companies, as well technology solution providers that work with your business.