Catalogue: window machinery, pvc in line welders and corner cleaners

By: Emmegi  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Pvc

Emmegigroup solutions are designed based on a thorough analysis of market needs. Emmegigroup are equipped to provide a complete and innovative response to any aluminium machining, light alloys and PVC needs, with respect to the "integrated systems" concept.
The standardization and consistency of aluminium and PVC technology means that Emmegi can offer a fully interconnected product range, giving its clients all the advantages of dealing with a single supplier across the board.
Emmegigroup’s products cover a vast and thorough range, included within its scope are Production systems and Machining centers; Twin head cutting-off machines and Single head cutting off machines, Complementary machines (such as Copy routers, End milling and Drilling machines), Logistic (Benches, Trolleys, Packing machines and Automatic stores machines) and the new PVC machines (Fusion 4H, Trimmer 2A, Automatic integrated PVC frame welding and cleaning line).
In the following pages you will find a complete, comprehensive overview of our product range. We are confident that you will be able to find the answer to any machining need.

Production systems

Thanks to the outstanding combined work of Emmegigroup’s research/development and engineering departments, the Production system stands out from other products in the sector for its great innovative potential and ability to guarantee high quality and low costs.

3 axes

12 axes

Machining centers

PVC Machines

Twin head cutting-off machines

The performance of Emmegigroup twin-head cutting-off machines is unique thanks to its ability to cut aluminium bars of various thicknesses and angles.  The latest generation technology has made it possible to make a significant contribution to the production cycle while also maintaining a combination of high precision and ease of use.

internal / external cut

radial cut
internal / external cut

internal / external cut

external cut

compound cut 

radial cut

manual cut

horizontal blade feed

Keywords: Pvc