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By: Emcon New Zealand  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Wastewater, Stormwater

Activity management plans
Asset management
Contract documentation and specifications
Expert witness in disputes
Feasibility studies
Health and safety audits
Landowner liaison for consents and easements
Procurement processes and manuals
Programme management
Project management
Quality assurance
Resource consents

Solid waste management
Stormwater drainage
Wastewater disposal
Water supply 

For many of the management services listed above, it makes a lot of sense for the client and consultant to work in close proximity to each other.  So that's what we do.  We place our staff in your offices for the duration of the project.  It makes communications easier and faster.

But the main benefit is that we get to understand your needs better.  And that means a better service all round.

Some projects require a range of skills that we are unable to provide in full.  In these cases we outsource the skills we don't have, and manage them for you so that you still have a single point of contact – us.

Emcon strongly believes that quality does not come from systems.  It comes from attitude.  If you don't have a passion for quality, no system in the world will produce it for you.

At Emcon we have a passion for quality.  We strive to produce top quality work because it is in everyone's best interest that we do so.  Poor quality costs everyone time and money and reduces the likelihood of repeat business.  We adhere to ISO 9001 principles and procedures, but we do not rely on them.  Our system is to have everything checked and signed off by an experienced reviewer before it goes out.  It is an absolute requirement that all documents must be signed by the author and the reviewer.

In contrast, many firms use the ISO 9001 quality system in the belief that it will ensure good quality.  The reality is that ISO 9001 is no guarantee of quality at all.  Quality systems like ISO 9001 produce consistency, but not necessarily quality.  They even hinder good quality if they are not applied correctly.  This is because they can create a tick-box mentality which means that there is a danger of slipping into a subconscious way of thinking that if all the boxes are ticked and all the signatures at the bottom of the page are there, then a quality product will be ensured.   Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

We assume that our clients want high quality work and that they want it on time.  So it's our goal to give them that - every time.

Keywords: Stormwater, Wastewater

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