International currency exchange and money transfer services

By: Elldridge Lynch  06-Dec-2011
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We’ve specialized in providing international money transfer services since 1986, and have operated an online money transfer service since 1997. Exceptional currency exchange rates coupled with low fees and an innovative yet simple to use self-service offering, ensures our clients get the very best deal.

Buy Now. Pay Now.

A spot contract is used for immediate money transfers and is the most popular method of transferring funds.

Competitive, comparable prices

Currency exchange rates updated every 5 seconds

16 currencies offered

Payment in 1-3 business days

Buy Now. Pay Later.

A forward contract allows you to enter into a contract at the current market rate for payment in the future and is useful for protecting you from adverse market movements. Particularly useful if you want to lock in a favourable rate, but don’t have the funds available to pay for the contract immediately.

All forward contracts are subject to a minimum amount and payment of an initial margin to secure the obligation. Variation margin may be requested if significant adverse market movements occur during the term of the contract.

Forward contracts in 15 currencies

Real time competitive forward rates

1 week to six months

Ability to pre-deliver or extend forward contracts

Not happy with the current exchange rate?

No problem. You can place a Market Order to target a predetermined rate that you would like to achieve and we’ll monitor it for you. Market Orders allow customers to target a rate they wish to transact at that is either better than the current market rate to capture positive movements or worse than the current market rate to protect against adverse movements. All Market Orders are free to use.

We provide an online facility for our clients to place, modify, and cancel Market Orders. Clients can also view the savings or cost differences between the current market rate and order rates. Orders offered include limit and stops, for both spot and forward requirements, and OCO's (One Cancels the Other).

Take the stress out of watching the market rate fluctuate and let us take care of it. You can add, cancel or amend orders

during our hours of operation (Open 18:30 GMT Sunday through 19:00 GMT Friday)

and they will automatically be executed 24 hours a day if the market reaches the agreed rate, at which point you have entered into a binding contract. Market Orders are always live until cancelled by you.

Get the latest information on the market – for free.

Access the latest market information, all in one place. Currency Online keeps you in touch with the world’s dynamic currency markets.

Daily commentaries online or direct to your inbox

Exchange rate graphs 24 hours, 30 days, 12 months and 10 years

Twitter updates for the latest market information, as it happens

Free desktop currency convertor to view the latest rates

Simple Rate Alerts via our Online Currency Convertor and iPhone App

Add the bank accounts you wish to send funds to (beneficiaries). Specify payments straight after purchasing currency or pay direct from your currency account.

Add beneficiary details online (these are saved for future disbursements)

View full history of payments to each beneficiary

Standard format for each currency reduces bank charges

Your full account history is available online for your lifetime transfer activity with Currency Online. View currency conversions, payments and receipts online 24 hours daily.

Lifetime account history

Sort by currency, date, beneficiary or reference

Grant view-only access to your accountant

Add multiple users to your account limiting their access and available functionality to fit your own risk requirements.

Add multiple users

Specify all users roles and permissions

Add other accounts under your one login

Transfer your funds whenever the markets are open

From 18:30 GMT Sunday through 19:00 GMT Friday you can log in, get a great rate live, and execute a transfer. For assistance on using the Currency Online platform, general customer service or settlement enquiries, the Currency Online 24 hour Toll Free Help Desk is available during the same hours.

Real time information, tools, widgets and more…

We’re continually expanding our portfolio of powerful market insight resources and currency tools. Real time currency calculators, online invoicing - these are just some of the services that keep Currency Online clients satisfied.

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