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By: Electronic Entities Group  05-Apr-2012


We offer both analog and digital narrowband communications systems that cover your entire facility and may be networked to other campuses or the telephone system. 


Both 1 and 2-way paging are critical to the operation of any Healthcare provider and we offer the best at the lowest cost. 


Paging Data Products:  

Paging Data Terminals: 




"Coaster" Patron/ Patient/ Customer alert systems:

These 'coaster' shaped Patron alert pagers are used by the medical industry to notify patients and their families that their room is ready, a dialysis machine is available, doctor will see you now, patient is out of surgery, etc. so they are free to move around the facility. Add them to your existing paging system to improve your patient relations image and lower noise pollution from overhead paging.


Emergency Medical Communications:


Medical Instrument Loss Prevention Detectors:

We provide the medical industry with the newest technology to prevent loss of expensive surgical instruments during cleanup of the suites. 


Radio Call Boxes:


Cell Phone Detectors:

Does your facility prohibit use of cell phones inside? We offer the only detector that will verbally alert a user that these phones are not allowed and to turn it off. Resembling a smoke detector, they work off of batteries or AC and and are always on guard. Very inexpensive units may be placed in every hallway. Call us for details.


Wireless & Wired Precision Timing and Clocks


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Paging Data Products

Other options include an inbuilt pocsag paging encoder for repeater or rebroadcast applications and other specialized serial data inputs and outputs for control of devices such as LED signs. The PDT may also be fitted with up to four relay control outputs internally or may interface with the RCM2000 Relay Control Module for multiple relay control.


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Provide your facility with these callboxes for immediate communication from remote or unprotected areas. Handheld, Base, Mobile and Repeater systems.