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By: Eitelberg  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Leadership Skills, Strategic Advice, Retail Property

EiTELBERG provides corporate clients, retailers and individuals with dedicated retail property advice, focused entirely on their particular requirements. The fundamental objective is to create a sustainable environment and not to simply meeting short term gains.

This is achieved by:

  • Understanding the business objectives
  • Identifying and developing the required skill set i.e. its people
  • Implementing and improving the appropriate delivery and decision making processes


EiTELBERG assists the business in implementing the correct property-related process for that business. EiTELBERG acts as a facilitator to develop strong client leadership skills and provide the adequate tools to deliver efficiently. The utilisation of a skilled and intuitive facilitator is an important consideration in maximising group and individual performance throughout the lifecycle of a project and / or business and EiTELBERG fulfills this role effectively.

Intellectual Capital

Intellect assists corporate businesses in introducing systems and procedures that sustain a productive work environment and helps recruit, train, nurture and retain the right talent. The ability of a company to perform to its best ability rests on the individual and collective skills of the workforce.

EiTELBERG will assist the company in building its own property-related intellectual capital relating to the property sector. The right selection of particular skills and knowledge will assist the business in meeting its long-term objectives. Further, training of existing intellect is vital in ensuring longevity of the systems and processes implemented.

Strategic Direction

EiTELBERG offers strategic advice on creating efficiencies within a business by identifying areas of opportunity to generate improvement. This is achieved by offering strategic advice impacting on the overall direction of the business:

  • Strategic decision making,
  • Portfolio expansions / consolidations,
  • Restructuring / building a new team / office,
  • Refurbishment rollout / rebrand programme,
  • Delivery processes
  • Growing the business (business related)
  • Online branding strategy (business related)

Information Sharing


Services may be offered either on a contract basis, secondment or a one-off consultancy – rates will vary accordingly.

Keywords: Leadership Skills, Retail Property, Strategic Advice