EION Wireless - StarMAX™ 802.16-2004

By: Eion Wireless  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Internet Access, Professional Services, Management Systems

The StarMAX 802.16-2004 Fixed WiMAX platform from EION Wireless is a reliable and cost effective broadband wireless access solution available for immediate deployment to provide high speed fixed access.

With major deployments worldwide amounting of over 10,000 base station sectors and 120,000 subscribers, the StarMAX 16d solution has one of the largest installed bases of any commercially available WiMAX platform today.

For applications where mobility is not a requirement, for example where operators simply want to support a "wireless-DSL" type of service, StarMAX 16d provides simpler planning, better spectrum utilization and much more cost effective service implementation than using a mobile 16e WiMAX system for these applications.

The StarMAX 16d platform can also further revolutionize the economics of your network with unique solutions providing maximum coverage with a minimum investment — ideal for fixed deployments in rural settings.


  • Fixed and nomadic WiMAX utilizing the IEEE 802.16-2004 standard
  • Rich portfolio of indoor and outdoor mounted subscriber units
  • High-performance transmission for best coverage and higher ARPU
  • Supports Triple Play services, including live multimedia, VoIP, Internet access
  • Enhanced features for superior coverage, such as uplink sub-channelization and improved throughput using STC/MRC diversity and Payload
  • Header Suppression for increased IP payload throughput
  • Fully integrated into NetBoss XT and ProVision™ Management Systems portfolios
  • Fully supported by EION Wireless’ professional services for end-to-end WiMAX and 4G network design, deployment and management.

Keywords: Broadband Wireless, Broadband Wireless Access, Internet Access, Management Systems, Professional Services, Subscriber Units, Wireless Access,

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