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By: Efx Financial  06-Dec-2011
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tradingEFX Financial provides a full range of FX trading services for individual self-traders.
Zero-commission leveraged Forex trading accounts based on a $100,000 lot. Trade execution is near-instantaneous via our online platform, removing the lag-period associated with currency trading using the telephone or fax. Prices are fed live, and P/L is calculated in real time. Your positions, account and margin information, stops, limits, and prices are calculated and displayed live.All accounts have access to competitive spreads, backed by the liquidity of major Inter-bank FX market participants.Traders execute positions using an efficient, easy-to use and well-supported Trading Platform, featuring:
  • Real-time executable quotes feed.
  • All standard order types: Stop, Limit, etc.
  • Hedging.
  • Live P/L and margin calculation.
  • Free charts and news access.
  • Windows-based trading platform.
  • Secure Java-based trading platform.




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Keywords: Currency Trading, Forex Trading, Trading Platform

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