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By: Efinity  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Web Development

If you’re thinking about creating an effective website that suits both your business and customers then the chances are you’ve spent time on the Internet browsing through sites and already have an idea of what you think may work.

There are a lot of good web building tools available which suggests that anybody can put together a website, however, it is the skill, knowledge and creativity of a web developer that will result in a site that is unique and effective. We spend a significant amount of time researching what works and what doesn’t.

You may also be wondering how much it would cost to design a site and unfortunately it is very difficult to answer, similar to being asked how long a piece of string is. A lot will depend on what you want the site to do, is it a brochure site (no flashy bits and you're not selling online etc); or do you want it to be interactive with flash components, will you be selling online, do you want it to be scaleable, do you want 5 pages or 105 pages, access to a database, integration with other systems, self administration?

This is why we provide a free initial consultation to determine your requirements before we present you with a proposal.

Our core business is web development and marketing, design is a different skill set and for that reason we contract the most qualified designers, or use our client’s designers, to design a site that will appeal to your customers and ultimately achieving your business objectives.

Online sales are rapidly increasing with millions of internet users going online everyday searching for product information and the opportunity to buy. With secure sites customers can be assured that their credit card details are kept private.

Consequently confidence and trust is growing resulting in the rapid increase of online purchasing.

If your business would suit e-commerce (selling your products and services electronically) talk to us to discuss how we can make it a reality and put you in touch with potential customers online. Remember our focus is to help you achieve your business objectives and this may not even involve much capital investment. We believe that there is a benefit in joint ventures, your core business expertise with ours can only result in a win win situation.

This is often overlooked but is vitally important. Any website should be integrated with your traditional marketing plan. You should know who your customers are, why they would want to visit your site, and what they would be looking for and why they would choose your product and service over your competitors. This is no different to a bricks and mortar marketing plan, there has to be a reason for the customer to pick you.

We are able to assist with online research. Companies will often run online research to gain valuable feedback as to how well their websites are performing from their customer’s point of view.

Your brand is important and it is critical that your website is built to protect your brand with a style that is consistent with your current advertising and promotional strategy.

Remember, Domain names are an important part of any online marketing strategy and wherever possible should reflect your brand or what you do as closely as possible. We can help you decide on a domain name that best compliments your business.

Our core business is in the marketing and developing of websites. You are good at what you do as we are, combine the two and you have a formula for success with two specialist companies working together for a common result.

Keywords: Marketing, Web Development