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Soil consists of solids, water and air components. To get the most out of irrigating your effluent, the right application is necessary to provide enough goodness to the soil for stimulating plant growth.

Since the air and the water components compete for available pore space between the soil particles, the wrong combination of solids and liquids (too much of either) can result in over-application or poor drainage. Too much solids can mean that the plant growth is stumped because grass is unable to receive any sunlight. Too much liquid will cause the pore space to be filled with water, resulting in low aeration that can also limit plant growth. Effluent should be complementing the growth of plant life which means getting the mix right is imperative.Thorough mixing of effluent waste is also essential to avoid blocking effluent lines and to ensure a balance is achieved in order to take full advantage of the return of nutrients back to pasture. The Submersible Pond Floor Agitator (SPFA) effortlessly mixes heavy waste, even in very large effluent sumps, making it the ideal product for your pond. The SPFA stirrer is designed to bring the solids that have fallen out of suspension, and sit on the bottom of ponds, back into suspension creating the ideal nutrient balance.

Did you know that within an hour of liquid waste entering your pond, 90% OF SOLIDS ARE ON THE BOTTOM?

Solid particles in the effluent waste from farms fall out of suspension very quickly. When pumping from a holding pond, the liquid from the top of the pond is pumped. Solids that have fallen out of suspension stay on the bottom. Effluent solids have a high nutrient value and if these solids were to be brought back into suspension could be pumped with the liquid out to the pasture. If the solids aren’t brought back into suspension they build up and the holding capacity of the pond gets less and less. The ponds need to be desludged on a regular basis to remove these solid s.


Desludging and removing the surface crusting from ponds can be a major maintenance expense.

The cost of using a vehicle spreading system to carry out this operation can be very costly especially if equipment and machinery has to be purchased or hired, and if contractors are used. The SPFA optimises the stirring of the whole pond which means the solid particles are continually in suspension which means no crust forms on the bottom saving you time and money desludging. Tank Mounted Stirrers
Floating Stirrer Performance

5 reasons that a SUBMERSIBLE POND FLOOR AGITATOR (SPFA) is more effective than a traditional stirrer.

1. SPFA is mounted on a shaft from shore.

There are stirrers available that are mounted on a pontoon and have a prop, but the prop moves to slowly to create any real effect. The direction is vertical to the service so the solids are either pushed away from the prop or lifted towards the prop and dispersed away. At the end of the shaft a submersible stirrer is mounted. The submersible stirrers prop is pushing the liquid in a horizontal direction.

2. The SPFA rotates at a high speed

Many mixers rotate at a low spin speeds (90 rpm) which means solids are only moved around in the immediate area which in most cases is not enough. Because the SPFA prop is rotating at high speed (320 rpm) the solids are brought back into suspension and because of the velocity of the liquid they stay in suspension stopping the contents from settling.

3. The SPFA is situated at the bottom of the pond.

Because the stirrer is situated on the bottom of the pond it is stirring directly into the solids. It comes in contact with the solids not just the top layer of liquids like many. This means that the solid particles immediately come into suspension and no crust is building up at the bottom of the pond.

4. The direction of the stirrer can be adjusted

The direction of the stirrer can be adjusted so all of the pond can be stirred no matter how big or small. You can have more than one mounting pole and this optimises all the stirring angles. The pitch of the stirrer can also be adjusted with the boom being able to be lowered or raised to make the most of the area of the pond.

5. The whole pond is stirred

While traditional stirrers are excellent at keeping a crust from forming on the bottom of the pond they are usually ineffective in stirring the whole pond. Because of all the above reasons the entire solid contents of the pond can

be kept in suspension to ensure that when applying

effluent to your farm it is receiving the most amount of nutrients possible.

Keywords: Pond

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