Graeme North Architecture: Services And Fees

By: Ecodesign  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Passive Solar Design

We carry out quality house design, undertake major house alterations, and light commercial work.

Much of the the work undertaken by this practice is rural or semi-rural residential with new clients actively encouraged into accepting and using our recommendations for passive solar design, energy efficiency and the use of non-toxic materials.

Many of the new projects make extensive use of timber, earth or straw building techniques coupled with materials such as macrocarpa, locally grown hardwoods, gypsum plaster, lime paints, and other non-toxic materials. Passive solar design principles are incorporated where possible. Our buildings do not look as though they came out of the latest computer program but rather use good materials honestly and with integrity.

Your building site is carefully assessed for its orientation, views, access, solar orientation, microclimates, topography and other physical characteristics such as stability and wind shelter or exposure.

The building site that is created achieves good indoor/outdoor relationships as well as being very careful with the provision of access, private, and semi-private areas, and transitions between these.

We endeavour to make sure that existing resources and aspects of the property are used to their best advantage.

Strong and active client involvement and liaison is sought throughout the whole process.

Fee Structure
Architectural fees can be worked out in various ways depending on the project and we can discuss various options with you. Possibilities include % value, fixed fees, or an hourly rate.

Initial Contact
Feel free to contact us for an appointment (the 1st half hour is not charged for) to discuss your project and the various ways in which we can assist in helping you to realise your dream.

Keywords: Passive Solar Design