By: Eco Dynamics  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Plants, Crops, Open Source Software


We can assist with high level support for increasing productivity gains in relation to soils and plants.  We can investigate the quality of your soils, and ultimately your crops, and help develop a monitoring and practical implementation framework specific to your requirements.  We adhere to organic principles, and can work within the requirements of all current industry standard certification bodies.

Educational Support

Planning on developing and delivering educational materials for the horticulture, agriculture, organic growing, or any other related field.  If you are touching on soil and plant quality, we offer an independent review mechinisim that can help you improve your materials.  Within Eco Dynamics we have not only an academic background, but also successful practical experience with running an organic farm ourselves.

Research & Development

We don't sit on our laurels, we, in our own practices are always looking at ways we can improve soil and crop productivity.  We can help you look at the ways things have been done historically, compared to the way things are currently being done, and most importantly ways that can reap rewards in the future.

Open Source Software

Eco Dynamics is a supporter of Open Source Software.  We endeavour to use Open Source Software where appropriate.

What is Open Source Software

Open source is a development method for software that uses the power of wide spread community and peer review as well as ensuring that processes are transparent. The results of open source is better quality, higher reliability, more flexibility, lower cost, and no propriety vendor lock-in.

Keywords: Crops, Open Source Software, Organic Farm, Plants