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By: Easeaccounting  06-Dec-2011
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easeaccounting offers a wide range of services for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME's), accountants and bookkeepers alike. At easeaccounting, we specialise in making accounting easier. Take a look at the different services we offer.

Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) Solutions

Save in accounting fees and time, simplify the GST, and have immediate access to your accounts from any location. Now you and your accountant can access your accounting software online simultaneously from any location…

Effective financial management of your business is a fundamental ingredient to determining business success or failure. The implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has dramatically increased the administrative requirements of business. In many instances it has led to shorter terms of trade and tighter cash flow. Implementation of easeaccounting will allow your business to benefit from simpler BAS submission, more up-to-date financial information, flexible working arrangements and massive time savings. Remote access provides your business and accountant with a flexible, secure and convenient means to work together on company accounts, vastly reducing the costs of compliance.

Our leading edge, proven technology will assist you to implement more efficient systems that will greatly reduce overheads, create flexible working arrangements and streamline accounting processes.

If your business: -

  • is outsourcing its bookkeeping,
  • has recently introduced computerised accounting,
  • is struggling with GST and BAS returns,
  • has multiple accounts in different locations,
  • is sending backups of accounting databases to bookkeepers/accountant,
  • is struggling with accounting software upgrades,
  • doesn't have proper backup procedures in place,

Then you have the opportunity to vastly reduce your accounting overheads and workflow challenges.

easeaccounting can centralise your accounting data on powerful, central, secure computers. This allows you to: -

  • Access your accounts online from any location.
  • Work simultaneously with your accountant or bookkeeper on your accounts - they can see in real time what you are doing, giving you real time advice.
  • Avoid delays and downtime as your accountant waits for you to send him/her your database or as you wait to receive your database back from your accountant.
  • Access all upgrades of the latest software releases as soon as they are available.
  • Centralise the accounting data of several offices (ideal for franchise or multi-site businesses).
  • Centralised account and debtor management alone may save you thousands of dollars and wasted hours.
  • Make your accounting data available to any authorised person (multiple directors, bookkeepers, administrators etc) from any location (work, home, interstate or overseas).
  • No longer worry about backups or security as its all taken care of for you.

Accountant Specific Solutions

easeaccounting specialises in making accounting easier. easeaccounting can provide your firm with a complete internet and e-commerce website. Our tailor-made fully featured website portals provide accounting firms with a comprehensive package of specialised services that they can offer their clients. easeaccounting incorporates the online accounting login engine into your website so your business clients visit your website to log into their accounting software; promoting client loyalty to your practice.

easeaccounting caters for and develops a comprehensive level of functionality in our websites to specifically meet the needs of the accounting industry and the needs of your business clients.

Your business clients have high expectations of your practice which extends from the supply of basic business administration information through to the provision of specific business advice and specialised services. They expect you to be capable of providing current and appropriate advice, in a timely manner, through a variety of mediums, including the Internet.

Your easeaccounting website will provide a new perspective to your practice. A perspective built on the service needs of your business clients. easeaccounting website portals are a medium that exudes the professionalism of your service. Not only will you will be able to provide many of your existing services in a more timely and cost effective manner, but you will also implement several new profit centres to your business. Depending on the size of your business client base, these profit centres may be worth tens of thousands of dollars each year to your practice.

Current Services Available:

Case Studies

There are many examples of where our service has provided business owners with greatly enhanced flexibility and improved efficiency. Here are a couple of scenarios.

Example 1

One of our clients is Australia's largest privately owned vocational education training organisation. The business has a number of offices (several franchised) located around Australia and has a Headoffice in Brisbane. Using easeaccounting, our clients' Headoffice is now able to access the QuickBooks accounting databases of each interstate office seamlessly and effortlessly, even as information is being updated locally. Their accountant is located more than 20 kilometres away and is now able to access the group's financial accounts and prepare their BAS returns quickly and efficiently without having to contact them in advance.

Example 2

Another client is a Sydney based company who manufactures and distributes scooters. The scooters are manufactured in New Zealand and a team of sales consultants travel around Australia marketing the product. Sales transactions are entered directly into the company's MYOB Premier accounting software via laptop computers whilst on the road and the manufacturers are able to access the database from New Zealand to determine inventory levels. New stock is shipped automatically ensuring minimum inventory levels but guaranteeing stock availability. The use of ASP technology has streamlined the way they go about their business and has dramatically improved their efficiency and cash flow.

Example 3

Another client is a partner of a number of service stations around Brisbane. Inevitably accounts are unable to be done during the busy day. With most of the partners having family commitments, they are each able to go home and have dinner with their families and retire to the study to complete their accounting later in the evening. A pleasant change from earlier practices of working back late and missing out on this important family time.

What our clients are saying…

"My name is Di Wilson and my position is Senior Financial Controller for the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. The initiative to utilise the service of easeaccounting was in order to facilitate access to our accounting data for each of our State Offices and for our accountant similarly and concurrently to access the information.

Our previous system involved sharing backups of files which inherently lead to inadvertent mishaps. Since the introduction of GST, the volume of accounting work has substantially increased and it is of extreme importance from a cash flow point of view to keep our accounts up to date. In our busy environment we are now able to seamlessly and easily access accounting information from our State Offices without disrupting anyone. Further, our accountant can access the information without disrupting us and without any downtime. I like to sometimes take work away from disruption and achieve the necessary tasks at home, in my own time, a pleasant change for not only ourselves but also our families. I can offer my strong support for the package - give it a go!"

Di Wilson,
Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Keywords: Accounting, Accounting Software, Bookkeepers