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By: Earthly Delights  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Worm Farms, Compost Worms

Worm Farms

. This popular worm farm is a plastic tray-based container that can recycle waste for 1-4 people. Elevated to your working height, with two working trays that are not too heavy, it can be run indoors, and has a tap to easily remove the liquid worm juice for plant and soil conditioning. Odourless. Comes with Compost Worms and additional supplies to jump-start recycling. Great gardener's companion.
$160.00 with 250g Compost Worms;
$185.00 with 500g Compost Worms;

Kiwi Worm Composter.
100% Kiwi designed and manufactured from recycled plastics. You get two 20cm deep square trays for worms to recycle food scraps and one base tray to collect liquids with tap for easy removal. Has better aeration than any look-alike worm farms, and a worm island in the base. Expansion tray available for more recycling. 42.5cm x 45cm.
$100.00 with 250g Compost Worms - 60cm high;
$120.00 as above with 3 working trays - 80cm high;
$25.00 Expansion tray set

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Keywords: Compost Worms, Worm Farms