Earth-Based Institute - Transformational Wilderness Trips

By: Earth-based Institute  06-Dec-2011

Next Quest: August 8th-15th, 2011 in the Colorado Mountains

The wilderness is a highly effective medium for self-discovery, rites of passage, and spiritual renewal. Its rhythms, beauty and harsh realities act as perfect mirrors that reflect deep truths about who we are as individuals. By marking transitions such as college graduation, career change, relationship change, and overall “inertia,” we are empowered to seek direction, purpose, and commitment to our higher callings.

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Earth-Based Institute - Therapeutic Coaching Services

It is both therapeutic and empowering, and can be a powerful support process for many different life and career situations; from learning communication skills, to improving your effectiveness and performance, to finding purpose, meaning and direction. Parent and family coaching is a specialized form of support that brings a professional coach and therapist into your home to help your family manage challenges in a very practical.


Earth-Based Institute - Professional Guide Training

The course will involve immersing yourself in a personal exploration of the natural world in connection to your own life goals and desires as a path to being a guide for others. Are you wanting to support your students and clients to become conscious and conscientious caretakers of the earth through facilitating a deep personal connection within them.