Zimbra Email Hosting by eApps

By: Eapps  06-Dec-2011

At eApps, we understand that Email hosting is your lifeline; Email is THE killer app for your business. You need more than a reliable, high performing SPAM-free and virus-free Email solution these days. Knowledge workers need an service at a reasonable cost, with excellent support. eApps Hosting offers a superior Enterprise Class Email hosting service, featuring . The service is compatible with Exchange hosting solutions, and is designed to meet the most demanding expectations for an email hosting service.

Zimbra also includes Zimbra Mobile, which provides over-the-air "push" synchronization to Windows and Android Smartphones and iPhones.

  • Enjoy a rich user experience without Outlook! - Whether you use the Zimbra webmail client, or the optional Zimbra Desktop client (no extra cost), you will have superior user experience.

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