By: E Products Nz  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Hammer, Heavy Equipment, Auto Body



Slide Sledge® auto body and heavy equipment tools give you the power to perform repairs faster, easier and safer. Through innovative design and reliability, our products help businesses like yours achieve greater efficiency, productivity and profit.

  • Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment Hammer turns heavy equipment repairs into a one-man job. Driving pins, shearing bolts and other tough maintenance jobs go slicker, faster and a lot safer. Now no one has to hold the chisel! The powerful Slide Sledge® Heavy Equipment Hammer reduces dangerous, time consuming hammer and chisel jobs to a one-man, one-tool operation. The linear motion of Slide Sledge focuses power for precision impact to drive pins and make other tough maintenance jobs easier, faster and a whole lot safer. Reduce downtime and increase your profits.

  • The most complete auto body repair tool on the market, the Slide Sledge® Frame Hammer® delivers high-impact force with pinpoint accuracy. With a variety of specifically engineered, interchangeable tips, this all-in-one tool makes it easy to handle previously difficult jobs. The Slide Sledge® Frame Hammer® is the most precise and sophisticated high-impact delivery system ever developed. The encapsulated drive bar, along with application-specific tips, allows you to deliver high-impact force with pinpoint accuracy for the most complete auto body repair tool available today.




  • The Slide Sledge® Precision Hammer applies the lightest to heaviest force with precision impact. Getting into tight spaces to make fast, accurate sheet metal repairs has never been easier. The Slide Sledge® Precision Hammer is the most innovative tool to hit the auto body industry in years. Since the tip of the tool never leaves the work surface, you can accurately and safely deliver light or heavy force while watching your progress from the finished side of the vehicle. Now you can concentrate on the repair, rather than worrying about the arcing motion and impact angle of your traditional auto body hammers.


Keywords: Auto Body, Hammer, Heavy Equipment