UV Curable Adhesives, Conformal Coatings, Encapsulants, and Ruggedizing Materials for Electronic Assembly

By: Dymax  06-Dec-2011

DYMAX’s broad range of one-part, solvent-free electronic materials cure in seconds upon exposure to UV/visible light. They do not emit HAPs or VOCs upon cure. DYMAX UV curable materials are used in a wide variety of applications for circuit protection and electronic assembly. The products are electrically insulating and are designed for various operations including , , , , , and . IPC approved, MIL-I-46058C and UL listed self-extinguishing grades are available. Most products are available in multiple-viscosity grades, so the material flow may be tailored to the individual application.

DYMAX UV curable may be applied over the entire PCB surface or discreet areas to provide complete protection from harsh environments or chemical exposure. Multiple shadowed-area cure options are available. protect components on rigid or flexible boards to -40°C. are designed for manual or fully automated masking of printed circuit boards prior to wave solder or reflow operations. can achieve full cure in seconds and dramatically reduce cycle times and costs. DYMAX cure in seconds with light, heat or activator to effectively transfer heat to keep components cool. They may be paired with DYMAX potting materials to enhance LED performance. DYMAX also offers , which are designed for rapid coating of ultra-thin mobile phone keypads.

Other products and services from Dymax


UV Light Curing Systems - UV Curing Spot Lamps, UV Flood Lamps, UV Focused Beam Lamps, UV Conveyor Systems

UV curing flood lamps, spot curing lamps and UV conveyors can be integrated into existing manufacturing assembly lines or used as stand-alone, bench-top curing systems. Dramatically reduce your manufacturing costs and increase throughput with UV curing systems from DYMAX that cure UV adhesives and UV coatings in seconds. UV curing systems are used world-wide throughout the automotive, electronic, industrial, medical and optical industries.


DYMAX - Dispensing System Solutions

DYMAX is committed to providing the best chemistry, curing equipment, and dispensing systems that offer customers complete manufacturing solutions for their challenging applications. DYMAX, in alliance with some of the world's leading dispensing companies, has developed high-quality, field-proven dispense systems to fit many adhesive dispensing applications.


UV Curing Plastic Bonding Adhesives

Ultra Light-Weld® 3069 adhesive is designed for rapid bonding and laminating of both flexible and rigid substrates including PVC, polycarbonate, polyurethane, PET, PETG, and ABS. Typical applications include flexible lamination, plastic housing assembly, appliance assembly, and speaker assembly. Bond strength on polycarbonate and PVC usually exceeds the strength of those substrates.


UV and Visible Light Curing Adhesives for Medical Disposable Device Assembly

DYMAX medical device adhesives are solvent-free and glow brightly when exposed to a low intensity "black light" and enhance the function of automated vision equipment for high speed, high volume production. The DYMAX MD® "1000", and series adhesives cure within seconds upon exposure to UV and visible light and permit bonding of UV inhibited and tinted plastics.


UV/Visible Light-Curable Optical Adhesives

OP series UV/Visible light cure optical adhesives are ideal for optical assembly applications such as lens and optical mounting and the attachment of ceramic, glass, quartz, metal, and plastic components. UV curable optical adhesives for optical assembly and lens bonding include grades for VCSEL potting, lens fixturing, lens laminating, lens positioning, and fiber-optic assembly.