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By: Durvillea Wines  06-Dec-2011

We Durvillea Girls love. to. bake.

Yesterday (Labour Day) was my friend Tim’s 28th birthday. Tim has quite the sweet tooth - so I decided to bake him some world-famous-in-my-family cookies. My mother discovered this recipe several years ago in Bill Granger’s ‘Sydney Food’ cookbook. I highly recommend this recipe to anyone — my friends love me a lot when I make them.

Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees celcius.

Now, being the young independent woman that I now am, starting up my new kitchen, I have yet to purchase an electric beater. So yes, mam - I did it like they did before electricity came about… I creamed that unsalted butter and brown sugar with a wooden spoon! It wasn’t actually too difficult, just make sure your butter is nice and softened first (NB you don’t want to melt your butter at all, as you’ll think you have a nice creamy texture, but then butter will come back up to room temperature and it will be no more).  

Creamed them the old school way..

 Also starting up my new pantry, I found myself without any vanilla extract! However, luckily I have such well decked-out friendly neighbours… this vanilla bean paste is pure luxury. However, I used about half the quantity of vanilla required as this is more concentrated.  

Mmm vanilla - borrowed from friendly neighbour J.T.

I even said “Hi-diddly-ho, Neighbour!” 

After adding the vanilla, I mixed in a lightly beaten Astrolabe Farm fresh egg.

Free-range, organic, of course!

When you add eggs to creamed butter and sugar, don’t fret if it looks like it is curdling!  Once you add your dry ingredients, it will come right.

Adding the lightly beaten egg

All whipped, light and fluffy!

Now you’re ready to fold in your dry ingredients – at this stage I like to ditch the wooden spoon for a good spatula. 

I usually use Swiss Chocolate with this recipe when I’m being a little bit fancy, however, this time I used some good old Cadbury milk chocolate buttons (as this is what I had in my cupboard). I do prefer to use bigger pieces/chunks than chocolate chips.

Classic kiwiana Edmonds

I start folding in the 1 & 1/2 cups of  chocolate pieces when the dry ingredients are about 3/4 combined, so that way you are working the mixture a bit less.

Important not to over-mix

At this point, you can also spoon the mixture into glad-wrap or grease-proof paper and create little logs that you can freeze, slice and bake at a moment’s notice! 

Working their magic

They are best placed in the centre of your oven. I like to take them out when that are starting to get quite toasty brown around the perimeter. I like a bit of crunch – but they should still be soft in the middle. (FYI I would usually line my baking tray with grease-proof paper, however I didn’t have any, so I greased my tray with a little bit of melted butter, just in case!).

Now, they may not be the neatest looking little cookies – more on the rustic side – but holy moly they are tasty.  

 I even dressed them with a bow.

P.S. Hannah (Jules Taylor employee and also Tim’s other-half) made him a pretty epic Bart Simpson birthday cake. I am going to try and secure a photo of it from her, and put it up on our facebook page this week (if she lets me)! 


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As the new Durvillea Girl, my role at Durvillea Wines is to liaise and facilitate Durvillea Girl business-talk, to help man the social media desk, and to assist in promoting this wonderful wine to any and all that would like to know.


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Simon is the checking sugar levels each day to ensure that the wines are stopped at the desired time so the end result provides us with the ideal residual sugar. It’s a dreary day in Marlborough today and as you drive around you can see that for some vineyards pruning has already begun. Blending is also being thought about and will probably begin end of next week. Blending is an exciting time and it is incredible to watch Simon at work.


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At the end of each week the prize will be 2 bottles of Durvillea Wine and then the last week (being drawn 17th December) everyone who has entered the competition will go into the draw again to win a Magnum of Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc. Currently we only have Durvillea in two of the four states, QLD and VIC, but in both states the brand is being well received, the Durvillea Pinot Grigio seems to be a real winner at the moment.


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These hens were quite elderly and, while I love River Cottage, I ain’t no Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and I have to bring in hired assassins if a hen needs killing. Hope does spring eternal and I now have four young hens housed in the dog run until they get a little bigger and can be introduced to the older girls. Drain pineapple, reserving syrup, combine sugar, cornflour & pineapple syrup, vinegar, soy sauce and salt.


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It has been a brilliant vintage, with great weather and picking conditions, now the juice is in tanks and barrels fermenting away and Simon is already saying he is excited about this vintage, and that the flavour profiles are looking good. We have been talking with our agents in Toronto about bringing Durvillea into the market, so at the Toronto and Ottawa shows we are showing Durvillea which is very exciting.