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By: Durvillea Wines  06-Dec-2011
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Here is Genevieve’s “Who’s that girl? interview” – questions from Libby.

What is your role at Durvillea Wines? 

As the new Durvillea Girl, my role at Durvillea Wines is to liaise and facilitate Durvillea Girl business-talk (alright, and chatter), to help man the social media desk, and to assist in promoting this wonderful wine to any and all that would like to know.

What makes Durvillea Wines different from the other wine brands out there?

Durvillea is unique in that it has been a way for the ladies in winemaker Simon Waghorn’s life to share in and celebrate what a lot of their lives have been shaped by; wine making. They have put their unique style, their tastes and their beliefs behind this great product, creating a distinct and personal finishing touch to their husband’s/father’s creation.

How did you become interested in the wine industry?

I have always loved cooking – ever since I was very young – and after graduating high school in South Korea midway through the year (American system) I had 9 months with which to do whatever I pleased before the start of university in NZ in February. Going to culinary school had always been a dream of mine, and thus I enrolled at the New Zealand School of Food and Wine in Christchurch. There, I learnt the basics of classic cooking and delicious wine from a wondrous starting age. And then, my first year of university in Wellington rolled around where something quite magical happened… I met Libby and the Waghorns.

What is the best bit about working in wine?

The people. Everybody you meet is interested in such simple (yet rewarding) pleasures; wine (of course), yummy food, fresh Marlborough air… however whilst still maintaining  a positive work-ethic, and producing great products. And I think you can taste this lifestyle in the wine.

How are you enjoying life in Marlborough?

Loving it. I enjoy having the ability to pick oranges from the bush outside and squeeze myself fresh juice for breakfast, to collect eggs from the hen-house for scrambled eggs – and to dry one’s washing in the sun [a wise woman has told me that feeling the sun on them makes wet clothes feel happy]! I also like how most things are closed on Sundays… it lets you know that Sunday is meant for better things.

Most of all; I like how you can see all the stars at night.

What is your favourite wine in the Durvillea range, and why?

My favourite would be the Durvillea Pinot Noir. I enjoy its more subtle qualities. With the Marlborough region not being known for its Pinot Noirs, it is nice that Simon has taken the grapes and created a style a bit different from the full-bodied reds you would find in Central Otago etc. Instead of trying to mimic their successes, he has created his own Marlborough-styled Pinot. I find it quite delicious.

What is your favourite non-DV wine varietal?

Feijoa sparkling wine… the world needs to get ready for this. Okay, okay maybe not. I most enjoy a light sparking white/champagne for special occasions.

Tell us about your best food and wine experience ever.

To me, this is a very big question. To be honest, I have yet to experience the two together in harmony. I recently had the pleasure of dining at Martin Bosley’s … which was out of this world. Popcorn Ice-Cream: Salty. Sweet. Delectable.

Other top food experiences range from fondue in a tiny French restaurant in London shared with my mum, fresh soft-shell crabs sitting at a table on the beach – under the stars – with friends in Thailand… the list could go on…

For the wine, on a recent trip to Wellington I had a glass of Francis Ford Coppola’s Syrah. It was so unique to anything I’d ever had before… very strong bouquet of vanilla bean… I found it so silky – my palate was quite intrigued.

Top tip for a visitor to Marlborough? 

For a visitor to Marlborough I would recommend a walk on the Wither Hills (beautiful views to be had), a browse in Thomas’s, a trip to the summer farmer’s market… but perhaps most importantly, to just sit down and enjoy the wine, the people and the peace.

What is your favourite winter comfort food? Give us a recipe!

Being a good New Zealander, I love my lamb… and being a good human-being, I love Jamie Oliver.

For my favourite kind of winter comfort dish, I would use this recipe – but with lamb –and change the white wine to a glass of red… the Durvillea Pinot would be more than just swell here.


Keywords: Wine

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Simon is the checking sugar levels each day to ensure that the wines are stopped at the desired time so the end result provides us with the ideal residual sugar. It’s a dreary day in Marlborough today and as you drive around you can see that for some vineyards pruning has already begun. Blending is also being thought about and will probably begin end of next week. Blending is an exciting time and it is incredible to watch Simon at work.


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At the end of each week the prize will be 2 bottles of Durvillea Wine and then the last week (being drawn 17th December) everyone who has entered the competition will go into the draw again to win a Magnum of Durvillea Sauvignon Blanc. Currently we only have Durvillea in two of the four states, QLD and VIC, but in both states the brand is being well received, the Durvillea Pinot Grigio seems to be a real winner at the moment.


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At this point, you can also spoon the mixture into glad-wrap or grease-proof paper and create little logs that you can freeze, slice and bake at a moment’s notice. I usually use Swiss Chocolate with this recipe when I’m being a little bit fancy, however, this time I used some good old Cadbury milk chocolate buttons. Mam - I did it like they did before electricity came about… I creamed that unsalted butter and brown sugar with a wooden spoon.


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These hens were quite elderly and, while I love River Cottage, I ain’t no Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and I have to bring in hired assassins if a hen needs killing. Hope does spring eternal and I now have four young hens housed in the dog run until they get a little bigger and can be introduced to the older girls. Drain pineapple, reserving syrup, combine sugar, cornflour & pineapple syrup, vinegar, soy sauce and salt.


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It has been a brilliant vintage, with great weather and picking conditions, now the juice is in tanks and barrels fermenting away and Simon is already saying he is excited about this vintage, and that the flavour profiles are looking good. We have been talking with our agents in Toronto about bringing Durvillea into the market, so at the Toronto and Ottawa shows we are showing Durvillea which is very exciting.