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By: Duroweld  06-Dec-2011


The most reliable hardbanding products on the market.  For protecting Drill Pipe Tool Joints and Casing involved with Oil and Gas Drilling, as well as Geothermal well drilling.  Both Duraband and Tuffband can help you save up to 75% of the cost of re-application by eliminating the need to remove existing hardbanding.

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Duroweld - hardfacing wires

Postalloy 2898-FCO is a general purpose flux-cored, open-arc hardfacing wire providing a good combination of abrasion resistance and toughness. Recommended for applications where weld deposits must provide good metal-to-metal wear resistance, but still be machinable "as welded". Alloy chemistryis balanced to provide weld metal with maximum wear resistance while still being machinable.


Duroweld | Welders

Single phase, portable IGBT DC TIG/Stick welder, light, portable, fan-cooled - Smooth DC output, HF arc-piloting built-in fluctuation and generator friendly. Thermal overload protected - Ideal equipment to weld mild carbon steel, mild alloy steel, aluminum and stainless steel in light industry use. Smooth DC output, stepless current control, stepless wire feed control, 2-- step and 4-step function.


Duroweld - hardfacing electrodes

POSTALLOY 205 may be used alone, as a combination build-up and hardfacing alloy, or used as a build-up and cushion prior to overlaying with a more abrasion resistant alloy, such as 213 or 214. Weld deposit chemistries consist of chromium carbides combined in such a way as to produce extremely good abrasion resistance coupled with mild to moderate impact resistance.