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By: Dualcom Technology  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Electronics, Software Development

We believe good technical support is an essential part of getting systems up and running and keeping them running well. We have experience supporting electro-mechanical devices, IT products and software. We can help directly, or help you to identify what services are required. And because we are a development company, if we find a way that it could be done better or improved, we will let you know about it.

We find effective solutions for our clients, from consulting and hands-on problem solving, through to research and configuration of specialised products, and customised development where Commercial off the shelf solutions do not exist.

A combination of skills in the fields of Electronics, software development and metal fabrication, means Dualcom is well suited for developing and supporting a broad range of commercial automated and technical systems.

High quality, customer orientated service is what you can expect when you work with Dualcom.

We appreciate that any significant investment needs to provide a return on that investment. Whether it is quantifiable savings from improved efficiency, or increased revenue from new ways of doing business, improved branding, better customer service and loyalty. Our approach is to look at what our clients needs are, what their business or practical objectives are. Then we consider how we may be able to support these objectives with our capabilities, and we focus our development objectives accordingly. 

With a vast array of high quality software, hardware and electronics resources now readily available there are endless opportunities for new and innovative ways of doing business or enhancing existing ways of doing business. 

That's our goal, to make real-world practical solutions a reality, through intelligent design and a focus on what gives our clients a real advantage. Let us help you use technology to your advantage.

Why Customise?

Not all problems have a technological answer, but when they do, that is the more lasting solution.
Andrew Grove, Former CEO of Intel, Time Magazine's Man of the Year (1997)

Modern technology means customised solutions are more affordable than ever before. Components and software can be readily integrated to provide new and better business solutions.

Brand distinction is often very important, a modern company that moves with the times will earn respect from an increasingly tech savvy society, and be considered a premium service or product provider. Unique design such as customised enclosure design and interfaces, offer great opportunity for brand recognition and user adoption. We need only to look in the business section of the paper to see regular stories on how other companies have reaped great benefits.

Aesthetic and functional design is a key element that drives user adoption, overall up-time and affordability. These and many more factors must be considered in the development process, read more about our approach to these challenges..

Our Approach

A vital part is focusing on our clients business requirements and processes and developing realistic options objectively. We identify what the critical qualities and solution capabilities are, and define design goals accordingly that are consistent with our clients objectives.

We then analyze potential design alternatives. Considering Hardware platforms, software, component research and specification, interface design, database requirements, and system integration. 

We Create a high-level design and evaluate design capability to select the best design. Key functionality can be prototyped early to more accurately forecast complex requirements and further optimize the design. We build the complete solution, including hardware, software, network integration and project management from development to installation. The entire prototype development, fabrication and production facility is under one roof ensuring end to end control. 

Comprehensive testing of functionality and essential requirements during prototyping, development, production and post-installation stages is essential to ensure a quality solution. Factors including user interface, component selection, service access, maintenance, integration and upgrade considerations all are methodically anticipated, rather than corrected. 

We develop training plans and documentation if required, and end user documentation. Post-deployment we provide Customer Support and User acceptance testing, followed up with feedback sessions to further enhance and fine-tune the design if required.

Important Considerations

Robust Functional design is a key element to drive user adoption, overall up-time and affordability. There are many factors to consider including:

  • Reliability is an essential consideration, every solution undergoes extensive quality checks inline with the business requirements. Reliability must cover key elements of mechanical, software, security, electrical and end user performance standards.
  • The solution must be maintenance friendly and robust designed for the environment it will be deployed in. This is critical to minimise downtime, reduce support costs and get value from the solution.
  • Regulatory compliance may need to be met, such as all relevant Electrical safety standards.
  • The design must be safe and not able to cause personal injury under normal conditions, particularly if moving parts are involved. It is also important to ensure the solution is ergonomic, comfortable and has good user accessibility.
  • It needs to be User-friendly and User-practical. Good Interface design with thoughtful consideration of how the end user will be using the solution in practice. Simple intuitive navigation and operation is essential in most circumstances. End-user consultation and feedback and/or targeted user studies can be an important part of the process.
  • Appropriate security measures must be implemented, considering who the users will be and the environment. Will the solution be unattended? Will monitoring be required? Locking down and restricting component and software functionality to prevent users from using the system outside it's intended purpose, such as modifying software or uploading computer viruses. Monitoring to detect attempts to compromising security access, including physical interference and robust housing may be required. Confidential data may need to be encrypted. Secure administrative access functions may need to be implemented, possibly remote.
  • The solution needs to be designed to provide a bottom line benefit. Our clients are assured that we research quality products that achieve the projects objectives.


Dualcom Technology has great interest in Research & Development to drive innovation and advance technology that may be translated to products and services to yield economic benefits. We achieve this through in house development, and seeking collaboration opportunities with industry peers and other freelance developers.

We are interested in discussing oppourtunities for collaboration in the following fields:

  • Automation and Integration
  • Engineering Development
  • Production Efficiency
  • Software Development
  • Electronics Development

Keywords: Electronics, Software Development

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